RM Sotheby’s to auction a rare one-off Ferrari Enzo

Features an ultra exclusive optional extra reserved for Maranello’s favourites

Owning a Ferrari has been every man’s dream at some point. Getting a Ferrari Enzo would fetch massive praise within your car enthusiast group. But acquiring a one-off Ferrari Enzo? Now that puts you in a league of your own.

A one-off Ferrari Enzo finished in Bianco Avus (or white in Ferrari language) is being auctioned off by RM Sotheby’s. Touted to be one of the rarest Ferraris to be sold, this white Ferrari Enzo will be offered online for just 24 hours, starting 29 June 2022 at the auction house’s website.

While all Ferrari Enzos are special supercars, this particular model distinguishes itself as a unique courtesy of the non-standard paint job. Only Maranello’s most valued and discerning clients are given the privilege to opt for non-standard colours on the Enzo, and this model with chassis 133023 finds itself in that “Extracampionario” group of cars.

This model completed production on 22 May 2003 with a Nero leather interior. The owner specified it with Rosso Corsa instruments, extra-large carbon fibre bucket seats with rare 3D black cloth inserts. Further authentication of its prime condition comes via a Ferrari Classiche certification awarded in November 2012.

Powering this Enzo is a mid-mounted 6.0-litre V12 engine capable of producing a staggering 651hp, more than any of its rivals from its time. Though enthusiasts would tell you, it’s not the power output but the manner in which it redlines at 8200 rpm is where the drama lies. Moreover, the Enzo is already an exclusive Ferrari with a production run limited to 400 units. The unique paint on this Ferrari would undoubtedly see its value go anywhere but down.

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6 days ago

[…] year for car collectors, especially Ferrari aficionados. Last week witnessed renowned auction house RM Sotheby’s list out a one-off Ferrari Enzo finished in an exclusive colour for auction. And now, another exclusive Ferrari surfaces on their portal with the auction house claiming it to […]

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