Novitec Spruces Up The Ferrari 296 GTB

Courtesy of a custom exhaust, the V6-powered sportscar gains an extra 38hp.

By any measurable means, the Ferrari 298 GTB in its stock specification isn’t a slouch. It packs a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 that offers 663hp. But that’s not all, as the powertrain also comprises an electric motor. That helps post a total system output of 830hp/740Nm, enough for a 0-100kmph sprint time of 2.9 seconds and a top speed north of 330kmph.

However, some want a bit more out of the package. To that end, Novitec comes into the equation. The German tuning house has been creating performance upgrades for the prancing horses from Modena, Italy, for years. And it hasn’t forgotten about the 296 GTB. It has released a performance package for the V6-powered two-seater, which includes a power upgrade, snazzier wheels, lowered suspension and a personalised interior.

A custom exhaust system, which sports 100-cell catalysts and turbo inlets with better airflow, allows the internal combustion engine to breathe better. As for the material, there’s a choice of stainless steel or INCONEL, an alloy used in Formula One racing. To further improve the thermal management of the exhaust system, all is wrapped in high-temperature insulation. Go with the INCONEL version, and the thermal management is further optimised using 999 fine gold plating.

As a result, the Novitec Ferrari 296 GTB has an extra 38hp on tap. That takes the total up to 868hp. What that bump in oomph does to the performance figures is unknown, but the exhaust system also comes with actively controlled butterfly valves. And we know what that means! The multiple 102mm-diameter tailpipes are available with or without carbon embellisher as the finishing touch. One could even choose 999 fine gold plating for those outlets.

In the package are custom-made wheels, for which Novitec collaborates with the American brand Vossen. They span 20 inches in diameter at the front and an inch wider at the rear. The ones in these photographs are finished in high-gloss black, while hub covers are in one of the 72 colours and surface finishes available. Accompanying them are sports springs, which lower the ride height by 35mm. This improves not only the car’s stance but also its dynamic ability. And to tackle the change in surface gradients, Novitec offers a lift system for the 296 GTB. That can help raise the car’s nose by nearly 40mm.

For the cabin, Novitec claims it will offer “exclusivity throughout the interior with first-class appointments in virtually any colour”. In addition, the tuner is working on further performance upgrades for the car in question, including a range of naked carbon components.

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