MX-30 sales bottom out in the US, Mazda pulls the plug

The range-extender model could, however, be coming soon

This is a record Mazda could have done without. Between April and July, the Japanese brand sold just 66 MX-30s in the United States. This figure is extremely disappointing, although it only concerns California, where the MX-30 is sold exclusively. But Mazda isn’t surprised by the result, as the brand was actually forced to sell its electric SUV there in order to offer other models locally.

Only 505 units in 2021 and 2022

The manufacturer therefore decided to withdraw the electric MX-30 from the Californian, and therefore American, market. This was a wise decision, as only 505 units of the SUV were sold in 2021 and 2022. And Mazda has not yet decided to offer a version with a range extender, as is the case in Europe and Japan. It’s a pity, because the MX-30’s failure in the US was predictable from the specification sheet alone.

The Hiroshima-based brand took the gamble of producing an electric vehicle equipped with a small, net 30 kWh battery giving a theoretical range of 200 km. That’s not much, and it obviously didn’t convince the Californians, especially as fast charging is capped at 50 kW. What’s more, the MX-30’s confusing format has probably worked against it throughout its commercial life.

Priority to plug-in hybrids

Its 4.39m length and RX-8-style suicide doors don’t make it the most practical of vehicles. And its prices were on a par with those of the Tesla Model 3, which is a much more technically accomplished product. For the time being, Mazda intends to focus on large plug-in hybrids that are better suited to the American market, such as the CX-90 and the future CX-70.

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