MG’s New Study Reveals Interesting Results

The ‘Urban Mobility Happiness Survey’ was conducted across eight Indian metros.

The Indian arm of the British carmaker Morris Garages appointed Neilsen, one of the largest data and market measurement firms globally, to conduct an ‘Urban Mobility Happiness Survey’. The idea behind it was simple – to gauge the challenges faced by commuters daily. The study was conducted across eight Indian metros: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. And the respondents included males and females within the age range of 18 and 37 years.

Here’s what the study revealed:

• 88 per cent of car owners travel less than 30km per day.

• 74 per cent of respondents recognised insufficient parking infrastructure as a decision driver.

     o Nearly 64 per cent of those said they would not take their car or adjust their plan according to the parking availability.

• 71 per cent of the survey takers either travel alone or with one passenger at max.

     o Only 1 per cent of the respondents reported that they always travel with more than one passenger.

• 73 per cent of people confirmed they prefer personal vehicles for commutes to work or college.

     o 38 per cent of respondents also said they use their cars for emergencies.

• 50 per cent of survey takers own petrol-powered cars, while 35 per cent own diesel-fed vehicles.

     o However, the respondents recognise that alternate powertrain technologies are on the rise.

• 77 per cent of people reported using their car’s luggage space daily.

     o Of them, 81 per cent keep their laptop bags in the boot.

• 71 per cent of respondents confirm spending between 30 minutes and an hour for their daily travel to work or college.

     o About 61 per cent of people admitted to increased travel times compared to five years ago.

• 52 per cent of survey takers reported fuel hikes affected them immensely.

     o Nearly 50 per cent reported spending over INR 6,000 on fuel every month.

• 80 per cent of respondents feel they live in a city with poor air quality.

     o 69 per cent of people said they consider a car’s environmental impact during the shortlisting process.

• Nearly 90 per cent of people feel a compact car can reduce travel time.

• Over 80 per cent of respondents reported experiencing anxiety during their daily commute.

     o Motorists from Kolkata, Pune and Chennai scored comparatively well on the happiness index than those from the remaining five metros.

Those findings are an excellent base for MG Motor India’s next product offering – the Comet EV. It’ll be a compact three-door hatchback created for bustling and congested metropolitans. Expect more information to pop up in the coming weeks.

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