Kia to introduce swappable bodies for EV chassis

Don’t want to take the delivery van out for a night in the town? Swap the body and swap your lifestyle!

Kia is introducing what they’re calling their ‘Platform Beyond Vehicle’ (PBV) this week to the Middle East and Africa region. This platform will allow any body to be bolted to an EV chassis, enhancing its useability and utility.

This new chassis is “the brand’s vision to be a Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider beyond the traditional concept of automobiles.” They’re imagining a world where EV chassis are just the base for any vehicle that you could want and one that you could change.

Just imagine the possibilities. One chassis could be used to meet the demands of multiple industries. The same chassis could be used for a taxi, delivery van, or even a grocery-getter with only the body needing to be changed. All the parts used to make the vehicle stop and go would be underneath and the same across multiple needs.

”The brand has plotted three distinct phases that make the Kia PBV roadmap to offer tailored solutions according to customer usage patterns. Phase one will oversee the introduction of Kia PV5, a versatile EV for major domains such as hailing, delivery, and utilities. Phase two will see the completion of the dedicated PBV line-up, with PBVs evolving into AI mobility platforms that interact with users using data, consequently ensuring vehicles are always up to date. Finally, phase three will oversee Kia PBVs evolving into highly customizable, bespoke mobility vehicles that integrate the future mobility ecosystem; this will lead to the nurturing and thriving of an automated environment for driving, advanced air mobility, and more.”

Imagine all the possibilities for future uses. You wouldn’t need to buy a different car, merely swap the body if the style wasn’t what you were looking for. You’d be buying a chassis over buying the body. And if the body got damaged in a crash? No worries, swap it out!

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