Bentley Continental GT Mulliner: The new flagship

It features Mulliner-spec diamond on diamond stitching inside the cabin along with the performance from the Speed variant

Earlier this month, Bentley released the Continental GT S – a new trim level with performance-centric cosmetic updates. The S was devised to sit below the mechanically superior Speed variant as it came with standard mechanicals. However, the Speed will no longer lead the Continental line as Bentley releases the new flagship trim level of the Continental family – the Continental GT Mulliner.

The new Bentley GT Mulliner is the fastest, most dynamic and most luxurious member of the Continental range. It receives the performance and chassis upgrades of the Speed and combines it with the ultra-luxurious elements from the Mulliner division. It gets powered by the 6.0-litre W12 engine, handcrafted in Bentley’s carbon-neutral Crewe facility. Power output figures remain the same at 650hp and 900Nm torques with a 0-100kph sprint time of 3.6secs and a top speed of 335kph (or 208mph).

The Mulliner in GT Mulliner equips the W12 Continental with a unique colour split for the cabin upholstery, exclusive to the car. Customers can now personalise a third colour through a flowing design line apart from the primary and secondary hide. A total of eight three-colour combinations are proposed by Mulliner, along with 88 Piano wood veneers for further customisation. The “Diamond on diamond” quilting pattern is embroidered on the seats, door trims and rear quarter panels, a standard feature on the GT Mulliner.

Distinguishing the GT Mulliner from its remaining trim-level counterparts is the new ‘Double Diamond’ matrix grille up front. This new grille can be had in chrome or a gloss black appeal, with the design extended onto the front fender vents. Opening the doors will serve as a pleasant reminder of the trim level selected as Mulliner-specific welcome lamps and Mulliner-lettered illuminated outer door sills are offered as standard.

The GT Mulliner benefits from some performance-aiding equipment comprising variable electronic stability control, all-wheel steering, and an electronic limited-slip differential. Carbon-ceramic brakes are also available as an optional extra.

The Bentley Continental GT Mulliner will be making its public debut at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed along with the newly launched S trim level. Joining these modern grand tourers will be Blower Car Zero, Bentley’s first car in Blower Continuation Series

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Shivaum Punjabi
8 days ago

A car I would take home anyday.

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