The RM Sotheby’s Car Show is a weekly podcast for car lovers

The first episode has ‘92 F1 World Champion Nigel Mansell as celebrity guest

RM Sotheby’s is a reputed banner in the auto industry, specialising in hosting auctions for the most exclusive and luxurious cars. This elite auction house has specialists with extraordinary knowledge of cars, and the firm wants to extend that knowledge to enthusiasts.

Hence, the brand has decided to launch its first in-house podcast for car lovers: The RM Sotheby’s Car Show. This weekly podcast will be hosted by Peter Haynes, RM Sotheby’s Marketing Director in Europe, featuring RM Sotheby’s highly knowledgeable car specialists and entertaining celebrity guests from the car collecting landscape. A new episode goes live every Monday, and one can stream on Spotify or Apple podcasts platforms or enjoy a filmed version of the same on Youtube.

The first episode was shot at RM Sotheby’s recent Monaco sale and is released already, titled ‘Speed, Fear, Glamour and Moustaches. Oh, and F1 Champ, Nigel Mansell!’. The self-explanatory title makes it evident that 1992 Formula One World Champion Nigel Mansell features as the celebrity guest while being accompanied by host Peter Haynes and car specialist Felix Archer.

Peter Haynes says: “We are so excited to have launched this new podcast. The car collecting hobby is full of fascinating people, cars, and history, and there are so many topics that car lovers of all types can enjoy. Our aim is to make it fun, entertaining, and occasionally irreverent. I’d like to think listeners will learn a few things and can chuckle along the way! The fact that we spend so much time on the road at events and auctions all over Europe provides us a great opportunity to meet and interview some amazing guests and give listeners and viewers a glimpse of a fascinating world.”

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Shivaum Punjabi
13 days ago

I am not a podcast guy but this is something I will hear.

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