The New Mercedes-Benz CLE Cabriolet Breaks Cover

Like the coupe, it has five non-AMG variants for Europe – one diesel and four petrol.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the new CLE Coupe in July last year. Alongside, the brand gave us a detailed glimpse of the convertible version. Well, the wait is now over. The three-pointed star from Stuttgart has introduced the new CLE Cabriolet. Based on the CLE Coupe, the open-top derivative offers a two-door, four-seat package for those who like unlimited headroom.

The main talking point is, of course, the fabric soft top. The well-insulated and acoustic roof is available in black, red and grey. It can be opened or closed within 20 seconds at speeds of up to 60kmph. Mercedes-Benz claims that the roof operation is much quieter, while a roller divider automatically separates the folded roof from the rest of the luggage space. Other standout features include the brand’s Aircap, a wind deflector, and Airscraf, a headroom heating system that keeps the neck of the front-seat passengers warm.

There are other clever touches as well. For instance, the 11.9-inch digital instrument cluster can be electronically tilted from 15 to 40 degrees to eliminate any open-top-driving glare. Furthermore, the optional leather seats have a “special” coating, which helps reflect the sun’s near-infrared rays. Mercedes-Benz claims the CLE Cabriolet’s leather remains up to 12 degrees cooler with the roof up or down than uncoated leather. And yes, the options for Nappa leather and various themes are available.

Compared to the C-Class Cabriolet, the new Mercedes-Benz CLE Cabriolet is roomier for both living and non-living things. The boot space, for example, is 385 litres. With the top folded away, that number drops to 295 litres. There’s more room for rear-seat passengers, courtesy of a longer wheelbase.

Like the coupe, the CLE Cabriolet is available in five non-AMG variants for Europe – one diesel and four petrol. All powerplants come equipped with a 23hp mild-hybrid system, which, apart from aiding fuel economy, helps propulsion in specific scenarios. The diesel is a 2.0-litre affair with 194hp/440Nm on tap, while the entry-level CLE 200 packs a 2.0-litre turbo-petrol with 201hp/320Nm. The latter is also available with Mercedes’ 4MATIC system. The second-to-top model, the CLE 300 4MATIC, also has a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine but with 255hp/400Nm. The range-topping CLE 450 4MATIC houses a 3.0-litre mill that offers 375hp/500Nm.

The new Mercedes-Benz CLE Cabriolet is on sale in Germany, with prices starting at EUR 66,402. It will be introduced in other European markets by the end of April 2024. Countries outside Europe will get it later.

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