Rolls-Royce Celebrates The ‘Year of the Dragon’

Four Bespoke commissions once again showcase the level of intricacy for which the brand is second to none.

February 10, 2024, marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year. And in the Chinese culture, it is the ‘Year of the Dragon’. Rolls-Royce has crafted four Bespoke commissions to mark the occasion – three Phantom Extended and one Cullinan. Inside-out, all four draw inspiration from the dragon. The colour red, representing prosperity and good fortune in Chinese culture, has been used for the standout highlights.

All three Phantom Extended feature a dragon form on the fascia panels. Each was hand-painted by one Rolls-Royce artist, and each of the three artworks took over two weeks to complete. That’s because the three-dimensional motif boasts multiple shades of red, applied on top of each other in four stages. And lacquer was applied after each stage to bring the detailing alive. The paintwork is unique as well. The Cullinan dons a dual-tone finish – Cherry Red over Selby Grey, both with Crystal finishes. The Phantom Extended has two dual-tone finishes – Silver and Cherry Red or Black with a Crystal finish.

Indoors, the dragon depiction, in red, appears embroidered on the headrests of the seats, available in Black or White leather. The attention to detail boggles the mind here as well, as each stitch direction is carefully performed for a dynamic appearance. Rolls-Royce says each embroidery has 5,449 stitches and took 20 hours to complete.

The three uber-luxury saloons also feature the circular Chinese zodiac calendar in stainless steel, incorporated in the rear Piano Black picnic tables. While the names of the animals representing each year are captured in Chinese calligraphy, the dragon is highlighted in gold, just like the one in the centre. In the Cullinan, the dragon is inlaid in the Piano Black veneer, again in stainless steel.

The best bit has to be the Bespoke Starlight Headliner. 677 individually placed fibre-optic lights form a dragon motif. Those are surrounded by a layer of 667 lights to add detail and dynamism. Placing those lights by hand took more than 20 hours. Moreover, all three Phantom Extended models feature a Gallery artwork tucked behind a glass sheet across the fascia. Bespoke lambswool carpets matching the leather interior complete the cabin.

There’s no price mentioned. But such creations should be kept for the world to drool over, isn’t it?

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