Rivian expands their lineup with the R2 and R3 

Complementing their truck and large SUV will be two smaller, cheaper siblings

Rivian is blazing forward with introducing the R2 and R3, midsized and cheaper than the R1 models we know so well. These two new models place themselves into the USD 45,000 category with single (RWD), dual-motor (AWD), and a speed demon tri-motor configuration. The trimotor comes in with 0-60 times in under three seconds.

The R2 looks like the R1S whereas the R3 is a more compact SUV with the C-pillar raked forward just a bit. Both five-seaters have powered rear glass that drops into the tailgate, allowing all sorts of outdoor activities to be loaded with ease. Both will feature two battery sizes and can achieve 300 miles of range on a single charge. 

The R3 will be released after the R2 in early 2026 and be placed cheaper still. Don’t be thinking that being cheap they’ll come stripped out. They’ll feature DC fast charging with 10% to 80% charge times achieved in less than 30 minutes. Self-driving is also available with 11 cameras, five radar units, and a computer to sort out the mess on the open road.

The R2 is slotted to be made for adventure and open-air driving, whereas the R3 and performance R3X are more geared towards being sporty and athletic. Rivian is putting its best foot forward expanding its lineup and hopes to sell a total of 215,000 units combined across its entire lineup. Look forward to seeing the R2 and R3 on the road soon!

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