Opel Expands Classic Virtual Tours With New Segments

It was in 1862 when Opel was founded in Rüsselsheim, Hesse, Germany. Simple math reveals that the brand has existed for over 160 years. And the majority of them were about producing automobiles. For those who want to know more about that aspect, Opel has a ‘Click for Classic’ virtual tours section. In the latest update, three new categories have been added: Concepts & Studies, The Golden Sixties and Touring Cars. As the tags suggest, the first category focuses on all the cool creations that inspired several production vehicles for the brand. The following segment centres on interesting developments, such as the Diplomat V8 Coupe and why the Opel Rekord P2 Coupe was jokingly nicknamed the “Racing Boot”. Similarly, viewers can relive racing icons like the Opel Rekord C “Black Widow” and Kadett GSi 16V DTM under the Touring Cars section.

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