One of the biggest Porsche events begins to incorporate air and water-cooled cars

Luftgekühlt is known for its air-cooled cars, but what about those using water?!

Last week Luftgekühlt (Luft 9) was held on Mare Island, not too far from San Francisco, California, a former naval base that’s hosted everything from sails to nuclear-powered boats. The annual gathering of all things air-cooled Porsche is known worldwide for its excellent display of cars and the event itself. Drawing in cars and owners from all points, the event has now branched out to highlight all dimensions of the brand.

The day following Luft 9 celebrating the 60th year of the 911, introduced an event called ‘Air|Water’ which was billed as “highlighting key people and cars from Porsche’s entire model line.” The fact “Water” is in the name will immediately tell you that this event is geared toward the entire range—even the current 992. The event was created to highlight the transaxle cars, water-cooled 911s, and even the early SUVs. The whole event was envisioned and produced by the same Luftgekühlt team.

One of the founders, Patrick Long was quoted as describing the event as, “Not only the stories of prominent cars or owners but the story of normal people who’ve built their car with their parents in their garage, all the way up to some of the most celebrated and decorated championship race cars. And everything in between! We focus on different storylines and themes and highlight cars that haven’t been seen over and over again. But the beauty of Porsche as a brand is that there is so much to take in, so much history and so many amazing cars. So we continue to make it fun and interesting by focusing on the cars we want to learn about ourselves.”

The success of the Luftgekühlt ‘one brand only car event’ has certainly been noticed as an anomaly in the car community. Seeking to raise the bar further for static car shows, the addition of the late model, water-cooled cars come as a welcome to those owners who have been left out of all the air-cooled fun. Over 12,000 people and 1,000 cars were tallied attending the two-day event this year.

Look for the event next year—it’s tenth—for another display of Porsche history and some of the most exciting cars ever made.

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