Meet The Most Powerful Brabus Supercar Ever

The tuner calls it the Brabus 930.

Let’s face it; the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance has all the bonkers one could ever ask for. Okay, road-legal bonkers! And please, let’s not get those electric hypercars in comparison. None will ever deliver the goosebumps a V8’s bellow can on its own. Anyway, back to the hyper hybrid that flaunts the AMG badge. It has been the subject of Brabus’ latest project. And what you see here is the end result – the Brabus 930. In the tuner’s words, “the most powerful BRABUS supercar of all time.”

Naturally, the primary focal point is the reworked powertrain. The standard four-door coupe uses a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 with an electric motor. The total system output of Mercedes’ first performance hybrid is 839hp, while the torque ranges between 1,010Nm and 1,470Nm. Courtesy of Brabus’ trickery with the internal combustion engine, the 930 produces 930ps (917hp) and 1,550Nm of peak torque. As a result, the Brabus 930 can hit 100kmph from nothing in 2.8 seconds and clock 316kmph at full stretch. If you’re wondering, the oomph still goes to all four wheels via a slick 9-speed automatic transmission.

Coupled with the tuned engine is a stainless-steel Brabus exhaust system with actively controlled valves and 90mm tailpipes. The system offers “Coming Home” and “Sport” modes, both self-explanatory, really!

In typical Brabus fashion, the 930 has an even louder stance inside-out than the standard AMG GT 63 S E Performance. The exterior, for instance, has been embellished with multiple carbon fibre elements, including the front spoiler, attachments on the air intakes, the customised grille, the rear diffuser and ORVM caps. The Brabus 930 also rides on different rims, specifically 21/22-inch Brabus Monoblock Z “Platinum Edition” forged wheels. Those are accompanied by the Brabus suspension module, which offers ride-height adjustments by up to 20mm.

A similarly striking appearance is indoors. The all-black leather upholstery comes with contrasting red stitching and piping. A standout touch is the triangular stitching pattern on the door panels, seats and even the floor, including that of the boot. Further accentuating the sporty feel are the carbon elements, Brabus door pins, matte anodised aluminium pedals and carbon door sills. Rest assured, Brabus will happily infuse more customised stuff upon request.

So, how do you like the Brabus 930?

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