Jeep is 4xe’ing everything with the European Avenger model

Building on its 4WD heritage, Jeep is giving its smallest non-US model the 4xe treatment

Jeep announced this week that it would 4xe their smallest model, the Avenger. This non-US available subcompact SUV has proven itself as a successful model as a front-wheel-drive EV, mild-hybrid, and gasoline-powered variant—the hybrid having a 6-speed DCT and the gasoline being a 6-speed manual. To continue its success Jeep is adding the 4wd hybrid treatment that has been popular on the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee models.

This plucky little car won the 2023 European Car of the Year. You read that right. A Jeep in Europe won an award. If you’re curious, this might be the first time since 1944 that anyone in Europe has been excited about a Jeep. The reviews, comically, don’t say that this car is advancing technology, but rather that it caught all the reviewers off guard, some even said they wanted to dislike it and couldn’t.

Eric Laforge, Head of the Jeep brand in Europe, commented: “The new Jeep Avenger 4xe represents a turning point for the brand. The latest version of our successful model brings together the compactness and versatility of Avenger with the performance of the all-wheel drive system. The result is an unparallel capability for a more dynamic driving experience. The new Avenger 4xe is completing the brand’s offering of 4×4 SUV in all segments”.

The rough little Jeep will be getting dirtier soon with the addition of 4WD, as models thus far have been FWD. The 4xe system adds the extra axle of power and a 48-volt hybrid system. The 136-horsepower gasoline engine is paired with two 21kW electric motors “capable to move both the axles and ensuring 1900 Nm available torque at rear wheels.” Which if I convert Nm to torque that’s 1400-pound feet of torque?! It sounds like a pretty cool little Jeep that we won’t get in the US. Guess we can’t have all the things, after all!

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