Infiniti launches Shine in the Dark campaign for QX80 Black Edition SUV

In a bid to pay homage to the tradition of stargazing, Infiniti launched a #ShineInTheDark campaign for the QX80 Black Edition, which follows the journey of a father-son duo that venture deep into the desert to capture the stars in the night sky. The documentary-styled video package centres around Mohamad Talafha, a renowned astronomical observer at the University of Sharjah, and his desire to educate his son on the art of stargazing, a local tradition that has endured for centuries. Zaher Ayat, head of marketing at INFINITI Middle East, said, “With the #ShineInTheDark campaign, we not only wanted to showcase the features of the QX80 but also tell a story that would inspire generations to come.”  Watch the video here. 

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