Honda moves forward with hydrogen with the new 2025 CR-V e:FCEV fuel cell electric

Taking a temperature of the room, this new hydrogen offering from Honda doesn’t bode well for EVs

Honda is giving us yet another indication that EVs might not be as prevalent as we’d think in the near future. Granted Honda is saying that 100% of their cars will be battery AND fuel cell electric by 2040. But in the meantime, they’ve given us the new 2025 Honda CR-V e:FCEV with a hydrogen fuel cell and plug-in EV charging instead of a purely electric version. With a 270-mile range and up to 29 miles on pure electric, they might have created a hit here.

The CR-V has been one of the best-selling compact SUVs for the last 25 years. Logic says this is a smart move to offer the popular model with a new powertrain—or at minimum experiment here first for maximum sales. The fuel cell will be produced in America in a joint venture facility with GM. The e:FCEV will, however, be assembled by the same people who were responsible for the NSX! 

“The Performance Manufacturing Center was conceived as a small volume manufacturing facility with a focus on craftsmanship, and I’m proud of how our production technicians leveraged their experience building the Acura NSX to take on the challenge of making this all-new Honda CR-V e:FCEV,” said Patrick McIntyre, lead of PMC. “Producing a zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicle is one more step toward Honda’s global goal of achieving carbon neutrality for our products and operations.”

Honda was smart to tap their best and brightest because making the e:FCEV is no simple task. Two hydrogen tanks are required with high-pressure piping to ensure 10,000 PSI doesn’t find its way back to the atmosphere. Assembling and making sure the under-floor battery and associated Power Supply Connector can provide electricity to all devices is critical. New welding systems were required. Painting modifications, mainly due to the line being previously used for the NSX, were necessary due to the larger and heavier chassis of the CR-V.

Refueling this hydrogen fuel cell vehicle takes no more time than conventionally fueled. The Power Supply Connector allows this new CR-V to power small appliances and even charge the new Motocompacto e-Scooter. Will it be a hit? We will know soon! Now where is the nearest hydrogen fuel station…

– M. T. Blake

(IG @_mtblake)

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