Haim Watch Company Introduces the Legacy Automatic

All New and 100% American Assembled Timepiece, it is Haim Watch Company’s First Formal Dress Timepiece.

Haim Watch Company – an American independent timepiece brand – has recently launched the Legacy Automatic, a range of time and date only timepieces, which is 100% American made and assembled.

In Haim Watch Company’s own words, “Following the successful independent launch of the L2 Chronograph, Haim Watch Company is excited to announce a new model, which is the brand’s inaugural formal “dress” timepiece, aiming to bring higher tiered horology to a larger crowd while also contributing to American watchmaking.”

Haim Watch Company:

Haim Watch Company was founded by M. Zakir Miah in Chicago in 2020. It is an independent boutique watch brand, “founded to give life to our passion for horology.”  Haim is his last name “Miah” in reverse.

In their own words:

“Haim Watch Co. offers refined horology aesthetics that are approachable by all. We believe that a well-crafted and striking timepiece belongs on every wrist, whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the world of watches.”

“At our core, we are watch people. From the heirloom-worthy pieces of revered watch houses across the globe to the handcrafted charm of independent brands – we connect with them all. In our journey as collectors, we have often asked ourselves – “what is the perfect watch?” The pursuit of that answer is the foundation and fuel for Haim Watch Company.”

M. Zakir Miah:

M. Zakir Miah is the founder of Haim Watch Company. He was born and raised in the United States. His parents had immigrated from Bangladesh. He studied computer science and business management in Chicago. His professional background is in telecom, engineering, and emerging technologies. His heart and passion have always been in horology. As a collector himself, Haim Watch Company began as a passion project where he wanted to make a watch for himself. After sharing it with the horology community, it became a brand – now in its 3rd year.

In his own words:

“I’m M. Zakir Miah (Haim = Miah in reverse), founder of Haim Watch Company. My passion lies in horology. Haim Watch Company is the result of years devoted to studying and collecting pieces from a wide range of watch houses and across a variety of price-points. As an avid watch collector, I know first-hand the struggle to find the “perfect” watch that can be used to store memories and experiences with. Haim Watch Company offers striking and functional timepieces designed to enhance your lifestyle, while remaining approachable by all.”

Design and Dials:

“Every Haim Watch Co. timepiece is sequenced from the DNA of a watch connoisseur, and every detail is meticulously designed to satisfy. We draw inspiration from the past, blend in our aesthetic vision, and craft ORIGINAL pieces that are poised for the modern world. Whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the world of watches, HAIM is designed with you in mind.”

Belonging to Haim Watch Company’s Legacy Collection, the Legacy Automatic is a time and date only classic round timepiece powered by a mechanical automatic calibre.

In their own words:

“The Legacy Automatic is the first time and date only design of our “Legacy” lineup. It includes many firsts for the brand, including our first custom designed caliber and is also 100% US assembled, including the movement! The Legacy Automatic features a newly designed hand-finished, titanium case with a subtle coin edge bezel, hollowed lugs and an exhibition caseback. It is available in three dial variants for now: “Dark Cobalt”, “Burgundy Tux”, and our first ever Aventurine dial “Stargazer”. Each dial is limited to 50 pieces. The case is 38mm with a 20mm lug width. The Legacy Automatic is also 10.5mm tall, so it easily fits under a shirt cuff while allowing visual depth to the dial. The Legacy Automatic is made to “create memories and celebrate milestones”; which can often get overlooked in the newer, faster paced world of watch collecting.”

There are three dial versions.

“Dark Cobalt” and “Burgundy Tux” – displays hours, minutes, and centre seconds. These two versions have a date window at 3 o’clock. The date window in both versions have a silver coloured border. They have a Guilloche centre with applied Breguet numerals on the outer part of the dial. There is a railroad-style seconds track on the outer edge of the dial.

On the Dark Cobalt, the Breguet numerals and seconds track are silver coloured.

On the Burgundy Tux, the Breguet numerals is the same Burgundy colour as the guilloche centre, and the seconds track is silver coloured.

The final versions will have date discs matching the colour of their respective dials. Also, the applied Breguet numerals will be raised slightly higher to create additional visual depth.

“Stargazer” – displays hours, minutes, and centre seconds. This version does not have a date window. It has an Aventurine Dial with applied Breguet numerals on the outer part of the dial. There is a silver-coloured railroad-style seconds track on the outer edge of the dial. Although there is no guilloche centre, there is a silver coloured circle separating the inner part of the dial with the outer part, a design detail so the dial does not appears too plain.

Each version states “HAIM” in the inner part of the dial – between the centre of the dial and 12 o’clock. And on the lower left and right side of 6 o’clock, “Chicago Illinois” is displayed – highlighting both the founder and HAIM’s Chicago roots.

In their own words:

“Dark Cobalt – Our quintessential blue dial. The Dark Cobalt dial features legendary Breguet numerals. Named after the influential Abraham-Louis Breguet, Breguet numerals first appeared before the French Revolution. The silver numerals and accents are applied, and dance in natural light when paired with the Dark Cobalt dial. Stare at the Guilloche center long enough and you’ll see it moving!”

“Burgundy Tux – Our first “Tuxedo” dial! It features a deep Burgundy Guilloche center, with Burgundy applied Breguet numerals and a silver colored seconds track that provides a slight contrast against the metal hours track. This dial is extremely legible and versatile.”

“Stargazer – Our first Aventurine dial! This is also the “No Date” option with the Legacy Automatic. It features a beautiful Aventurine dial, with applied Breguet numerals and a silver colored seconds track that shimmers against the starry backdrop. Aventurine is difficult to work with as when you produce one dial, several dials get destroyed in the process. It’s tricky to photograph and no two dials will be the same because of the distinct pattern found in this quartz gemstone. Aventurine is offered on many high end luxury timepieces at a premium. The Legacy Automatic offers the same experience but approachable by all.”


“Each dial is crafted with multiple layers for visual depth and combines brushed finishing, a guilloche center plus a date window at 3 (except the Stargazer). They’re finished with applied hour markers, seconds track and accents that enhance the overall combination and are a beauty to look at.”


The Legacy Automatic is powered by HWC-1, a mechanical automatic calibre. Its functions are hours, minutes, centre seconds, and date (on the Dark Cobalt and Burgundy Tux). It also features a second-hand reset or hacking seconds. It has a diameter of 25.6mm and a height of 4.6mm. It comprises of 69 individual parts, 26 jewels, beats at 28,880 VPH and has a power reserve of about 38 hours. It is regulated in-house to +/- 10 seconds.

HWC-1 is Haim Watch Company’s first custom designed calibre, which according to M. Zakir Miah, “is based on ETA architecture.” While it is a customised calibre, it is not in-house, a distinction Haim Watch Company wishes to state.

Calibre HWC-1 is visible caseback side.

In their own words:

“Caliber HWC-1 is aesthetically pleasing to look at, with its bead blasted, rhodium finish. It’s completed with blued screws and gold accents via its rotor, gear train and surrounding base. Caliber HWC-1 is also 100% US built, allowing us to have greater control over quality and performance. With normal wear, a maintenance intervention is recommended every three to five years.”


The Legacy Automatic’s case is crafted in hand finished Titanium TA2, “with hardening coating applied.”  It has a case diameter of 38mm, lug to lug distance of 45mm, case height of 10.5mm and lug size of 20mm. On the dial side, it has a sapphire crystal with 5 layers of anti-reflective coating. On the caseback side, it has a sapphire crystal with 2 layers of anti-reflective coating. The timepiece is water resistant up to 50 meters or 164 feet.

The Legacy Automatic’s case has an abundance of details.

In their own words:

– According to Haim Watch Company, the Legacy Automatic has “svelte dimensions to create a timepiece that’s timeless.”

“Sapphire Crystal with five layers of anti-reflective coating added to ensure legibility, whether you’re telling time or capturing photos – all while being scratch resistant, so that you can use your timepiece worry free.”

– “The newly designed, hand-finished, Titanium TA2 case has an aesthetic that allows the Legacy Automatic to be worn in formal settings, while being versatile enough to transition to casual settings. The case blends both brushed and polished finishes in the right places – and features hollowed lugs and a subtle coin edge dial.”

“The case lugs are a modern reinterpretation of the legendary “Cornes de Vache” (French for “cow horn”) lug style that renowned watch houses have utilised in the past. Unlike those, the Legacy Automatic’s lugs combine both sharp and rounded edges than maintain our original design language while giving respect to those timepieces that paved the way.”

“There’s subtle details on the case that most don’t notice at first glance. If you look at the lugs from up top, you can see how they curve inward – almost creating a visual effect of separation.”

In the final version, the case finish – which is done by hand, will be further refined.


The Legacy Automatic comes with a handmade leather strap with contrasting stitching and a quick-release technology. The strap is made in partnership with Delugs, a Singapore based company founded in 2018. Delugs is globally renown as a world-class aftermarket source for timepiece straps, available in a range of materials and available for most timepiece brands. They also provide custom straps.

The strap is “paired with a stainless steel art deco inspired signed tang buckle.”  “Haim” is prominently displayed on the tang buckle. An “optional OPTO WATCH Co. croc strap upgrade available.” Founded in 2020, OPTO WATCH Co. is a Dubai – UAE based world-class source for timepiece straps.

Concluding Thoughts:

Brands like Haim Watch Company contribute a great deal to the world of horology. They offer timepieces that combine well thought out design, high-quality construction, and affordability to a broader community of timepiece collectors. They democratize timepiece collecting. The Legacy Automatic is ideal for a first-time or beginner timepiece collector, as well as a worthy addition to a horological connoisseur’s collection.

Haim Watch Company must be applauded for the abundance of thought and detail put into the Legacy Automatic, such as:

– A choice of three dials – two with Guilloche dials and date, and one with Aventurine dial and no date. Also, an Aventurine dial at this price-point!

– Matching date-disc with the colour of their respective Guilloche dials for the Dark Cobalt and Burgundy Tux versions.

– Customized calibre, and with a second-hand reset or hacking seconds.

– Abundance of details on the case and lugs.

– Partnership with Delugs for straps.

– Transparency – stating that the calibre is customized and not in-house. And that the final versions will have further refined case finishing, matching date discs and slightly raised Breguet numerals, all as explained earlier.

Such details illustrate that Haim Watch Company – a boutique brand or microbrand, has put more thought and attention to detail to the Legacy Automatic than (often) timepieces from brands hundred times its size and age. Legacy Automatic has the possibility to elevate them higher in the world of horology. It will also enhance the exciting world of American Horology. If Haim Watch Company keeps driving forward in this direction, then the sky is the limit for them.

Availability and Pricing:

Legacy Automatic: Dark Cobalt and Burgundy Tux: USD$ 1350. Limited to 50 pieces each per dial.

Legacy Automatic: Stargazer: USD$1550. Limited to 50 pieces.

Optional: Add USD$125 for OPTO WATCH Co. Crocodile strap upgrade.

Legacy Automatic was formally announced on 5th January 2024. Early reservations began on Monday, January 15th, 2024.

“Early reservation pricing will be available at $350 USD discount until the early reservation window is complete, after which production will begin, with watches delivered between 120-150 days after the production begins.”

As per their website, the Early Reservation price is valid until 5th February 2024.

Each Legacy Automatic version will be hand assembled, including the HWC-1 calibre, per order. Each timepiece will be delivered in a box, which includes a single watch roll inside of it. Each timepiece is offered with a 24-month warranty.

There will be a few more versions of Legacy Automatic, and each version will be limited to 25 to 50 pieces.

For further information please visit their website: www.haimwatchco.com .

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