KTM: its more than orange wheels!!

A handsome looking motorcycle which just doesn’t look outdated.. Well that’s KTM!

I love it because of its aggressive styling which looks like the bike is moving even on stand still.

Starting with the twin circular headlights which looks like an angry insect, followed by an angular side panels going upwards connecting the seat & ending with a thin beautiful strip of tail lights.

Then comes the seating position: it has a ready to race stance which is leaned forward leaving your foot at the back & making a roast of your thighs with hot air coming out of radiator. But this position can make anyone look stylish instantly.


 One would buy KTM for the looks, the orange wheels, tell me what’s cooler than orange wheels? I’ll tell you, the sound!!

The sound of this machine just doesn’t match with looks of the bike, it sounds a bit thin & tangy somewhat like a 2stroke which loves being revved.

Other manufacturers give their bikes a very bassy sound or at least they try to give it a bassy sound while getting completely failed at it. I don’t understand why the manufacturers of single cylinder motorcycles try to give them a bassy, throaty sound.. It just isn’t made for it.


It is a 125cc liquid cooled block providing 14.5ps of power with 12nm of torque transferring the power via 6speed butter smooth gearbox. Now I know that 125cc doesn’t sound much but trust me it is totally enough for the city rides helping you to overtake pretty much everyone & leave them in your ORVMs.

At low rpm you’ll get the exact amount of power as an electric razor, but as you crossed 4500 rpm then you are in KTM’s territory where the engine starts to spits out its power all the way to 10000 rpm, just like a turbo boost & hence that’s why KTM engine loves being revved (just like Italian engines).


 Its got a wooden block in the shape of a shock absorber which isn’t suitable for daily commute & will definitely give u a bent spinal cord. But when you hit the highways you’ll realize that the spinal pain is worth it cuz it just feels so planted & confident at high speeds giving you extra confidence at corners.

So why would you buy a KTM when there are other options available? Well the answer is reasonable common sense..

Why would you buy a formal shoe which is turned into a training shoe when you can buy a training shoe in the first place.

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