G-Power Does A 900hp M8 Gran Coupe

The top speed is now 330kmph.

German tuning house G-Power isn’t known to take the subtle route, especially with its Hurricane projects. However, one could argue otherwise with the tuner’s latest creation. The base subject is a BMW M8 Gran Coupe, but with G-Power’s trickery in the mix, it slots under the G8M Hurricane RR series. And the apparent absentee here is an orange wrap, a typical design cue for Hurricane RR projects. Although, those missing that bright shade can calm themselves down with a glance under the hood.

A closer look, however, reveals that all is not black. Instead, a very dark shade of purple covers most of the bodywork, delivering a marginal contrast to what G-Power calls the Venturi RR engine bonnet. That sports a full-carbon finish, but if that doesn’t click well, there is an option for a carbon hood. Get that, and the car benefits from a more optimised thermal management. One could even get the carbon hood finished in the Venturi RS version. Accompanying the subdued colour combo are the Hurricane RS wheels in Jet Black, spanning 21 inches in diameter and the unmissable rear carbon wing. And, of course, the G-Power tags and logos inside-out are part of the package as well.

The BMW M8 Gran Coupe has a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, which has obviously received G-Power’s upgrades to become worthy of the Hurricane RR category. The tweaks include new forged pistons, connecting rods, two charge air coolers, and turbochargers with CNC-milled compressors and turbine wheels, and larger housings. Also, the four-door go-fast car gets G-Power’s Deeptone exhaust system with 100/110mm carbon tailpipes and sports downpipes with 200-cell metal catalytic converters.

The result is a peak output of 900hp/1,050Nm. G-Power claims a raised, yet electronically-governed, top speed of 330kmph. However, if that’s a bit much, other tuning options are available, ranging from 700hp to 840hp. G-Power also offers various other complete packages, which could result in a more extroverted appearance.

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