Fujifilm Just Dropped a New Instant Camera That’s Like, Totally Rad

The latest update lets you create albums with your scanned photos, so you can organize and share your instant memories even more easily.

Fujifilm just launched the INSTAX mini 99, a fancy new instant camera that takes your pics to the next level. Available in the Middle East from May 15th, 2024, this camera’s got some seriously cool features that let you get creative with your instant photos.

More Than Just Your Average Instant Camera

Forget the basic instant cameras of the past. The INSTAX mini 99 lets you play with light and colour directly on the film, creating unique and personalised prints that are way cooler than your average snapshot. Here’s the lowdown on what makes this camera special:

  • Colour Chameleon: This camera has built-in coloured lights that shine on your film when you take a picture. Imagine adding a pop of blue or a warm glow to your photos – pretty neat, right? The final effect can even change depending on the lighting and what you’re taking a picture of, making each pic one-of-a-kind.
  • Fading Out the Edges: Ever seen those fancy photos with a blurry background and a sharp center? That’s what Vignette Mode is for. It lets you narrow the lens opening, so the focus is all on your subject – perfect for artistic portraits or making your cat look like the star they are.
  • Brightness Boss: Feeling bright and sunny? Or maybe you’re in a dimly lit room? No problem! The mini 99™ has a handy dial that lets you adjust how light or dark your photos turn out. You can even combine this with the Color Chameleon or Fading Out the Edges features for even more creative options.

Classic Looks, Modern Features

The INSTAX mini 99 isn’t just about fancy tech; it’s also designed to be comfy to hold and look good. The camera has a soft, matte texture that feels great in your hands, and its classic design with cool accents makes it look like a premium gadget. Plus, all the controls are easy to use, with dials and buttons for things like adjusting the focus and brightness – just like the good old days!

The INSTAX mini 99 comes with a bunch of shooting modes to handle any situation, like:

  • Close-Ups and Landscapes: Get sharp pictures of anything, from tiny bugs to big buildings.
  • Low-Light Savior: This mode brightens backgrounds in dimly lit places, so your indoor photos won’t look dark and gloomy.
  • Action Hero Mode: Capture those fast-moving moments without blur – perfect for catching your dog chasing a squirrel.
  • Group Selfie Time: No more awkward arm stretches! The self-timer mode lets you take group pics or selfies with ease.
  • Flash on or Off?: Choose the right flash setting depending on whether you’re indoors, outdoors, or want to avoid red eye.

Double Exposure Fun and Light Painting Magic!

Want to get even more creative? The mini 99 has some special features for that too:

  • Double Exposure: Take two pictures on one frame, creating a cool, layered effect.
  • Light Painting Power: Keep the shutter open for a longer time to capture light trails and other cool effects – perfect for nighttime photography enthusiasts!

Fujifilm also updated their INSTAX UP! app. This app lets you scan your instant photos with your phone and save them as digital images. Plus, the latest update lets you create albums with your scanned photos, so you can organize and share your instant memories even more easily.

How Much and Where to Get It?

The INSTAX mini 99 is available now across all Middle Eastern markets for USD 199 (excluding VAT). Specific retailers in KSA, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar are listed in the press release.

So, if you’re looking for an instant camera that lets you unleash your creativity and capture unique memories in a whole new way, the INSTAX mini 99 is the perfect choice!

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