Dodge reveals the new electric two and four-door Charger 

Silently(ish) coming to a sideshow near you soon!

Dodge has teased us with the electric engine noises. They’ve shown off the retro styling and finally, it’s here. The new Charger for a new era. Quick notes on this one: both two and four-doors, both EV and turbo inline-six, multiple drive modes, all-wheel drive, 0-60 in 3.3, and quarter mile in 11.3 seconds. This thing is due to be a monster and soon to be at every sideshow and stolen in every city in America—just like the current Charger!

Likely, you’ve already heard a lot about this car. Where a deeper dive needs to be made is in the drive modes and unique features. First off there is PowerShot, which is a button that adds forty horsepower for 15 seconds by “a throttle punch.” Stab the throttle and see a bit more power, which reminds me of the stepped accelerator pedal in early 2000s BMW products to kick down a gear. Then there is the Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust—the electronic exhaust noises that we’re all a little bit unsure about—which is reported to be as loud as a Hellcat.

If you’re not entertained by the trick throttle and speakers hung under the trunk, you’ve got Donut and Drift mode. Keep in mind that this is an all-wheel drive car, so Donut deactivates the front axles and allows the car to spin around one of the front wheels for perfect donuts. Drift mode on the other hand allows the rear to slide and the front axles to maintain the slip angle. This mode has three settings to fine-tune your slip angle with the dampers going soft up front and stiff in the rear. Fear not, Dodge has tuned these modes to keep ‘Mr. Check Engine Light” aware that you intended to slide on purpose.

If Donuts and Drifting are not your cup of tea, this wouldn’t be a new-age muscle car without a Line Lock and Launch Control. Not that you’re going to take your Charger to the drag strip—far too legal for a Charger owner, even the temporary owners (read: they stole it). But if you feel the need to take your new EV to the strip, this thing can do that too! It will even store the times, g-forces, and everything else you want to brag about in the internal computer “Performance Pages.”

It’s a good thing the new Charger has all these different modes because it happens to be “near perfect weight distribution” and therefore not the easiest to slide or do donuts in compared to cars with a heavy front bias. The 670 horsepower is necessary to get the 325mm rear tires spinning. The front 305mm worries me as I have a feeling this thing could trolly along at highway speeds; we might have a new “Jeep wobble” coming from Stellantis. Let’s hope not and just be happy everyone can get with they want out of the new Charger. We all know the sideshow crowd will be more than happy to get wild in it!

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