Bugatti and Master & Dynamic launch hypercar-inspired headphones

The headphones feature elements from Bugatti’s hypercars

Hypercar owners worldwide usually need help with a big dilemma – a scarcity of matching headphones with their respective hypercars. French hypercar maker Bugatti appears to have a solution for its customers as it’s latest unveil sees the brand join hands with Master & Dynamic to launch a limited-edition collection of “sound tools.”

Bugatti builds on the top-tier products from Master & Dynamic, such as the MW75 wireless headphones, the MG20 wireless gaming headphones and the MW08 wireless earbuds, by infusing them with elements from its automotive advancements and regal history. While the Master & Dynamic headphones and its incorporated audio elements remain untouched, the design and build quality receive a makeover from Bugatti.

For instance, all models from this collection don the iconic Bugatti horseshoe grille and Bugatti badging as new exterior design elements. Each sound tool pair is available in colours synonymous with the Bugatti brand and its achievements, such as French Racing Blue reminiscent of early Bugatti Grand Prix racing cars and a strong orange that honours the vehicles of the Bugatti World Record Edition. The ear cups of the MG20 wireless gaming headphones are made from magnesium, mimicking the material used on modern Bugatti hypercar rims. Aluminum controls of the Master & Dynamic for Bugatti collection are reminiscent of the aluminium details on the hyper sports cars.

“Driving a Bugatti is a feast for the senses – and of course this also includes the sound. The sound of the four turbochargers of the W16 engine, the powerful exhaust sound and the intensity of the air flow that flows through the body at unparalleled speed – all this was a real source of inspiration for us. We wanted to incorporate this acoustic magic into the Master & Dynamic for Bugatti collection by combining our state-of-the-art products with technology that recalls the power of a Bugatti and offers a listening experience as exciting as driving a Bugatti,” said Jonathan Levine, CEO and founder of Master & Dynamic.

The MW75 wireless headphones from this Master & Dynamic for Bugatti collection retails at 699 USD, followed by a 599 USD price tag for the MG20 wireless gaming headphones and 399 USD for the MW08 wireless earbuds. All headphone models from the Master & Dynamic for Bugatti collection are currently on sale at Master & Dynamic’s official website.

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