Brabus 930 is the Mercedes-AMG S65 E-Performance upgrade that gives the Devil nightmares

If 791 horsepower wasn’t enough, Brabus will give you 930 for a couple hundred thousand dollars more and the ability to terrify even the most fearless individuals

Sometimes in the automotive world, we wonder why. Why create something so powerful? So fast? So ostentatious that it absolutely drips style and panache that only THE most famous and creative individuals could even dream up. Brabus has this problem. They’ve been taking Mercedes-Benz automobiles and turning all the specs up to eleven since the 1970s.

The new Brabus 930 is the rock concert any Mercedes fan wishes they could attend. This car is so far out there that it could make Keith Richards blush. With 930 horsepower, 1114-pound feet of torque, 3.2 seconds 0-60, and a top speed of 180 miles per hour, it isn’t messing around. The car it’s based on, the Mercedes-AMG S65 E-Performance, isn’t a slouch either. And if you’re still paying attention, the Brabus numbers didn’t make the car any faster than its base—as advertised at least.

Are there many people who can tell the difference between eight hundred horsepower and almost a thousand? I can’t, especially in something weighing 2.6 tons. Heck, anything over five hundred horsepower just starts to seem suicidal and criminal in most adrenaline-fueled instances, outside of a racetrack at least.

Brabus doesn’t stop with adding power. This car is the new poster child of the criminal underworld. Mafia bosses worldwide are pinning posters of this car to their secret hideout’s walls and telling the henchmen, “The boss will pay a hefty finder’s fee for the first one of these we can boost for him.” If it’s not the 22-inch Monoblock ZM “Platinum Edition” forged wheels, it’s the Brabus Signature Carbon elements used copiously throughout the interior, or the “Dino Black” interior with black piping, black stitching, and “shell diamond” quilting with the “77 Heritage” embossing. I just wonder if Brabus expanded the trunk space so more bodies can fit.

And you might need to hide a couple of bodies after taking a moonlighting job as an assassin. The plain old Mercedes-AMG S65 E-Performance comes in at $190,000, but this Brabus 930 costs a whopping $350,000. It’s a lot of money for a car that doesn’t necessarily go much faster, but it is a small cost to pay if you’re looking to terrify even your worst enemies without even getting out of the car.

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