Apple’s Accessibility Game Just Leveled Up: New Features Are Here to Blow Your Mind!

No need for extra gadgets, it all works with the built-in camera on your device. Plus, your eye data stays on your device – privacy first!

Apple’s on a mission to make their tech accessible to everyone, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon! Get ready for a bunch of awesome new features coming later this year that will change the game for people with disabilities.

Control Your Phone with Just Your Eyes (Seriously!)

Imagine using your iPad or iPhone just by looking at it. That’s the magic of Eye Tracking, a brand-new feature for people with physical limitations. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to track your eye movements and lets you navigate apps and stuff. No need for extra gadgets, it all works with the built-in camera on your device. Plus, your eye data stays on your device – privacy first!


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Feel the Music, Even if You Can’t Hear It

Music lovers, rejoice! Music Haptics is here for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. This cool feature uses the Taptic Engine in your iPhone to translate music into vibrations, taps, and textures. It works with millions of songs on Apple Music, and developers can even use it in their apps to make music more accessible to everyone.

Hey Siri, Understand My Voice (Even if It’s Unique)

Ever feel like Siri doesn’t quite get what you’re saying? Well, things are about to change! Vocal Shortcuts lets you create custom voice commands that Siri can understand. Now you can tell your iPhone to do complex tasks with just your voice, no more button mashing is required. Plus, Listen for Atypical Speech helps Siri recognize speech patterns from people with conditions that affect speech.


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Car Sick? Not Anymore!

Feeling queasy on long car rides? Vehicle Motion Cues is here to save the day! This new feature uses sensors to detect when you’re in a moving vehicle and displays animated dots on the screen that move with the car. These dots help reduce that yucky feeling you get when your eyes see one thing and your body feels another. It’s basically like a built-in anti-motion sickness tool!

CarPlay Gets a Makeover for Everyone

Apple’s not forgetting about CarPlay! It’s getting a boost in accessibility with features like Voice Control (control everything with your voice!), Color Filters (for those with colour blindness), and Sound Recognition (perfect for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to stay alert to car horns and sirens).

visionOS: More Accessible Than Ever

If you use visionOS, get ready for some exciting updates! Systemwide Live Captions will be a game-changer, letting you follow along with conversations and audio content across different apps, even if you’re deaf or hard of hearing. Plus, Live Captions for FaceTime make video calls even more enjoyable.

visionOS is also getting smarter with Apple Vision Pro. Now you can move captions around while watching immersive videos, and there’s even support for more hearing aids and cochlear implants. If you have low vision or prefer to avoid bright lights, visionOS has features like Reduce Transparency, Smart Invert, and Dim Flashing Lights.

Accessibility for Everyone, No Matter What

These new features are just the tip of the iceberg! Apple is all about making sure everyone can enjoy their technology. Features like VoiceOver, Zoom, and Color Filters already help people who are blind or have low vision experience spatial computing. Guided Access provides valuable assistance for users with cognitive disabilities. And Vision Pro offers ultimate flexibility, allowing control with eyes, hands, or voice. Plus, features like Switch Control, Sound Actions, and Dwell Control make things easier for people with physical limitations.


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