Venezianico unveils the beautiful Redentore Bellanotte

The Redentore Bellanotte features an artistic dial which pays tribute to the Redeemer’s Feast in Venice.

“For over 400 years, on the third Sunday of July, the Redeemer Feast, or “feast of feasts,” has been celebrated in the historic lagoon city (Venice). Born as a sign of gratitude for the end of the terrible plague epidemic of 1576-1577, it is a religious and popular festival, steeped in tradition and history.”

“The Redentore Bellanotte was created with the idea of paying homage to this feast, representing the splendid nighttime scenery of Piazza San Marco with the Doge’s Palace and the Basilica of the Redeemer illuminated by fireworks as per tradition.”

Venezianico, the Venice, Italy based timepiece brand, has unveiled the Redentore Bellanotte, an artistic timepiece that pays tribute to the Redentore or Redeemer’s Feast in Venice, Italy.


Inspiration for Dial

The Redentore Bellanotte’s dial is a meaningful depiction of the Redeemer’s Feast in Venice.

– The dial depicts Venice’s famous St. Mark’s Square coming to life at night.

– The magnificent Basilica del Redentore is portrayed in the background, with the iconic Doge’s Palace on the left.

– The lion of St. Mark’s is featured in the centre, “symbolizing the power of the Serenissima,” a reference to the Republic of Venice (697 – 1797) and known as La Serenissima or Most Serene. Venice continues to use Serenissima as its nickname, as a tribute to its history which honours “diplomacy, wealth, justice, and prosperity.”

– Fireworks “that light up the sky” are depicted in the night sky full of stars, “creating an atmosphere of festivity and joy.”


Dial Features

The Redentore Bellanotte features a complex dial with four separate layers, including an off-center dial, the latter being Venezianico’s first. Off-center dial timepieces are usually found in high-end timepieces, such as A. Lange & Söhne, Breguet, and Vacheron Constanin. The Redentore Bellanotte dial’s 4-layer construction is as follows:

– The star filled sky is made of aventurine.

– The off-center dial is crafted from white mother-of-pearl, and carefully framed using a polished steel ring. The blue hours and minutes hands provide a beautiful contrast.

– Three satin-finished discs (one large and two small) depict fireworks set in the star filled sky.

– A bas-relief of the Doge’s Palace and the Basilica del Redentore, both rhodium plated, are set in the background.

– The dial’s sophisticated structure is made possible by using Seiko NH05, a mechanical self-winding micro-movement, with a diameter of 17.55 mm. (More details below).



The Redentore Bellanotte is powered by Seiko NH05, a mechanical self-winding micro-movement.

– It has a diameter of 17.55 mm and a height of 5.92 mm.

– It has 21 jewels and beats at a frequency of 21,600 vph or 3 Hz.

– It has a power reserve of about 50 hours.

– Its functions are hours, minutes, seconds, and date, though Venezianico does not use the latter two in the Rendentore Bellanotte.

– It features hacking seconds for precise time setting, though not useful in the Redentore Bellanotte as it does not have a seconds hand.


Case, Strap and Bracelet

The Redentore Bellanotte’s case, strap and bracelet features are as follows:

– Its case is made of 316L stainless steel.

– It has a case diameter of 40 mm and a case thickness of 11.50 mm.

– It features an onion-shaped crown and a reduced crown guard.

– On its dial side, it features a sapphire glass with anti-reflective treatment.

– Its screw-down caseback features an engraving and written explanation of the Redeemer’s Feast. The engraving depicts the Basilica del Redentore and fireworks, and the written explanation is in Italian.

– It comes with either a leather strap or a stainless-steel bracelet.

– The leather strap is handcrafted in Tuscany, Italy, “in the heart of the main leather district.”

– The Canova stainless-steel bracelet “alternates concave and convex elements, combines iconic lines with practicality.”


Our Thoughts

The Redentore Bellanotte’s artistic dial is typically the realm of brands such as Vacheron Constantin and a handful of others, who have a legacy of Métier d’Art timepieces. Venezianico seems to have done a remarkable job of creating a dial depicting Venice’s Redeemer’s Feast. Their mindfulness towards case aesthetics, including its caseback engraving, and choice of top-notch leather strap and stainless-steel bracelet, suggest quality all around. Their choice of Seiko NH05 as its movement is wise, as it is robust and dependable, and easily serviceable by competent watchmakers the world over. The Redentore Bellanotte’s price makes it affordable and accessible. We look forward to handling it in the flesh and doing a hands-on review.


Additional Details

Name: Redentore Bellanotte


Version with leather strap: Euro (EUR): 700

Version with Canovo stainless-steel bracelet: Euro (EUR): 785

It will be available from June 26, 2024, at 3 PM (GMT+1).

The first batch will be 500 pieces.

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