2025 BMW M2 sticks with the inline-six, manual transmission, and adds another twenty horses

BMW is proving they aren’t willing to mess with the M2 unless someone forces them to change it

There are few cars that people know the car’s drivetrain without knowing much about cars. If it’s a Corvette, it has a vee-eight. If it’s a Type-R, it has a high-revving four-cylinder. Or if it’s a BMW M, it likely has a screaming inline-six. The M2 is the purest example of the old-school BMW energy with exactly what you’d expect from them.

Like everyone else, BMW is making strides with new battery-powered cars, but where they’re shining is keeping the M2 as an M2 can be. We’re still getting the manual transmission, which seems silly anymore as they’re always slower than the automatic (4.1 seconds to sixty versus 3.9 seconds). Of course, if you don’t want to row your boat, you can get the Steptronic automatic as a ‘no-cost option.’ Oddly enough, the automatic makes more torque too with 443 available between 2,700 to 5,620 rpm versus the manual’s 406 between 2,650 to 6,130 rpm.

It will come with 20 more horsepower, 473 at 6,250 rpm, and redlining at 7,200 with a pair of mono-scroll turbochargers bolted under the hood. There is an indirect intercooler, Double Vanos, VALVETRONIC fully variable valve control, and a ton of other fancy motorsports-inspired technology under the hood. Words such as an “extremely rigid crankcase with a sleeve-free, closed-deck construction, a forged crankshaft with a lightweight design, cylinder bores with a wire-arc sprayed iron coating, and a 3D-printed core for the cylinder head,” were used by BMW to describe this new M2.

Do you care about any of that? You shouldn’t. You should care more about the Carbon Buckets that are available as an individual option. On top of that, there are more color options unlocked under individual-ordered cars. Java Green metallic, Voodoo Blue, Grigio Telesto Pearl Effect metallic, and Twilight Purple Pearl Effect metallic, round out the colors that will be most desirable and rare one day. Sure Sao Paulo Yellow is cool, but anything purple (and individual) will always be better in my book.

Finally, there is a new Operating System 8.5 for the M2. You’ll get the BMW Curved Display, BMW Head-Up Display, and a 12.3-inch information display along with a 14.9-inch control display. The climate control system is now digitally displayed, and if this bothers you, they’ve got three different ways to control it, which include voice commands. I don’t think the car will respond to, “IT’S TOO DARN COLD TURN IT DOWN BIMMER!!!” but that will be for you to find out soon. Pricing starts at $64,900 and will be unleashed in August. 

– M. T. Blake

(IG @_mtblake)

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