The New BMW M4 CS: Built for Weekend Track Warriors

While the M4 CS is all about performance, it doesn’t forget about everyday comfort. Standard features include a fancy navigation system, a banging sound system, and automatic climate control.

Forget choosing between the BMW M4 Competition and the limited-edition M4 CSL – the new M4 CS is the sweet spot you’ve been waiting for. This tricked-out ride is all about bringing that thrilling racetrack feel to your everyday driving, without sacrificing comfort. Let’s break down what makes this M4 so special.

Under the Hood: Pure Power

Imagine a high-revving six-cylinder engine with a mean streak. That’s basically the M4 CS’s heart. It’s like the engine from the regular M4 got a serious workout plan, packing an extra 20 horsepower for a total of 550. This translates to some seriously impressive acceleration – 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds, to be exact. And while this beast is happy to roar on the track, it can also be surprisingly chill for your daily commute.

Tech That Keeps Up With Your Speed

An 8-speed automatic transmission with different driving modes handles the gear changes, so you can focus on the road (or track!). The all-wheel-drive system makes sure you have all the grip you need, no matter how twisty the road gets. Feeling adventurous? Switch it to rear-wheel drive for an extra dose of driving fun (but maybe leave that for the track!).

Lightweight Design: Shedding Pounds for Performance

The M4 CS is all about shedding weight without sacrificing anything important. Carbon fibre is everywhere – from the roof to the spoilers – making the car nice and light on its feet. This translates to sharper handling and a lower centre of gravity, so you can take those corners with confidence.

Looks That Turn Heads (and Maybe Break Necks)

Let’s face it, this Bimmer isn’t shy. Special paint options, exposed carbon fibre accents, and an aggressive body kit make it clear this M4 means business. Even the headlights have a special touch of yellow, inspired by those champion race cars.

Interior: Racing Inspired, But Daily-Driver Friendly

Step inside, and you’ll find a driver-focused cockpit that feels like it belongs on the track. The steering wheel is wrapped in grippy Alcantara, with carbon fibre shift paddles for those quick gear changes. The M Carbon bucket seats hug you in tight, but they’re surprisingly comfy for those longer drives.

Tech Upgrades for the Modern Driver

A curved display keeps all your driving info and entertainment options at your fingertips. Plus, the latest BMW iDrive system lets you control everything with voice commands or a simple touch. There are even special M features built-in, like a drift analyzer (to track your awesome slides on the track) and a lap timer (to see how fast you can really go).

Comfort Features You Won’t Hate

While the M4 CS is all about performance, it doesn’t forget about everyday comfort. Standard features include a fancy navigation system, a banging sound system, and automatic climate control. You can even add on an automatic trunk opener for those times you have your arms full of groceries (or racing helmets).

The Verdict: A Thrill Ride (Without the Exclusivity Hassle)

The BMW M4 CS is the perfect option for drivers who crave that exhilarating track experience but still want a car they can enjoy every day. It offers incredible performance, head-turning looks, and just enough creature comforts to keep you happy. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the limited availability of the M4 CSL. So, if you’re looking for a true driver’s car that won’t break the bank (or your neck muscles), the M4 CS might just be your perfect match.

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