Team TCI brunches at Intersect by Lexus

How about a food review at a restaurant owned by one of the most popular brands in the region! 

Brunch is a meal everyone loves. It is the perfect way to relax and enjoy a sunny afternoon with loved ones with good f&b and some music. The Dubai brunch scene is packed with venues offering brunch menus. Everything from budget to high-end options is available for your palate and wallet.

Team TCI was invited to experience the Saturday brunch at Intersect by Lexus, a beautiful restaurant in the heart of DIFC, Dubai’s financial district. Surrounded by other competing establishments, this upmarket restaurant manages to carve out a niche for itself.

The entrance is broad and welcoming, giving you a view of the entire restaurant’s length. The interior is inspired by Japanese minimalism, with woodwork everywhere. Photographs of Lexus cars and Japanese-inspired merchandise, books and artwork are displayed around the restaurant’s walls.

As you enter, stairs go down to what I can describe as an art room. There is a Lexus car on display. In this case, it was the NX. Lexus’s midrange SUV. This car can be changed to whichever car the brand wants to display. The floor is transparent, with UV light lighting the entire room. Below the transparent floor, you can see multiple parts that go into making a car; when you are done admiring the room and yourself, the entire room is made up of mirrors. Open the hidden sliding glass door with a touch button you are greeted with a wall of diecast cars of all shapes and models. A complete visual treat this place is.

But time to talk about the food and drinks. The brunch at Intersect is a set menu. You have multiple starters, a choice of the main course, a sumptuous salad bar, and a selection of main course and dessert is a surprise.

Our party of three is comprised of a vegetarian and two more people with multiple allergies. The restaurant took great care and thoroughly reviewed our list of allergies.

For starters, we were served edamame and a crunchy honey-glazed sweet potato. We gulped down both in a hurry!

For the main course, we had multiple choices, with each person having a different dish. The wagyu beef stake was reviewed as perfectly cooked and of excellent taste! Talking about the mushroom risotto, which our second member practically inhaled!

Me having the maximum list of allergies and was served the grilled chicken, which the chef prepared for me outside the menu. The chicken was grilled to perfection and was served with a corn puree which paired perfectly with the chicken. There was even a side of sauteed veggies! The presentation was pretty good too!

Since we had opted for the ‘House Beverage Package’, we were plied with drinks of our choice. I chose to go for the Whisky Sour, which was refreshing and tasty. The balance of ingredients was perfect, and neither ingredient dominated the others. The second cocktail that our party consumed was the Tokyo Mule which had the same feedback as above. The third guy decided to stick to basics and had a JD & Coke. You cannot go wrong with that choice.

We had a cheesecake with a mango topping for dessert, which was brilliant! Overall, it was an excellent experience with good food, great service and a unique ambience.

Prices for the brunch are as below:-

Soft Beverage AED 225

House Beverage AED 325

Bubbly Package AED 425

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