Ram now offering an honestly named trim level with the TRX Havoc

As if these things do anything other than cause Havoc… Ram set to offer a brightly colored TRX called the Havoc Edition

Pickup trucks are synonymous with the outdoor and utility lifestyle. Go camping, drive through a snowstorm, or load up some bricks or lumber. This is what pickup trucks are meant for. At least, that’s what they were designed to do. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves knowing pickups are now offered with fire-breathing, supercharged engines, and launch control.

Ram, like Ford, capitalized on the muscle truck segment when they released the TRX a few short years ago. Their 6.2L supercharged V8 needed little finagling to fit under the hood of their 1500. And why not?! This recipe has been concocted time and time again. Geniuses like Delorian, Shelby, and many others pioneered big engines in docile cars. Ram merely took some style points from Salt Bae when they added the flair to get this pickup to market.

And if the standard TRX wasn’t enough, we now have THIS: the Havoc Edition. Say you needed a louder presence and a paint job that could be seen from space. Ram was listening. The Havoc Edition adds ‘Baja Yellow’ paint and a signature interior package. Capped off, of course, by a commemorative badge (and limited run) to remind you, ‘this thing is meant to cause HAVOC’.

A monochrome black grill and front fascia, and graphics on the hood and bed, round out the exterior details. On the inside, the commemorative badge is surrounded by Alcantara on the center console. In addition to it, there is a copious amount of yellow stitching and carbon fiber surrounds you, along with emblazoned “TRX” stitched into the seats.

Is this an appearance package? Yes. But it just might be the right package if you’re looking for the loudest and likely one of the most limited runs in the TRX we’ve seen yet. Pricing and availability are to be announced soon for early 2023.

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