Piaget unveils the Limelight Gala by Shamsa Alabbar

Ahead of Art Dubai, Piaget reveals a limited-edition timepiece created together with renown jewellery designer Shamsa Alabbar.

“February 2024, Dubai – Ahead of its appearance at the 17th edition of Art Dubai, Piaget unveils a new creation crafted in tandem with designer Shamsa Alabbar, who has brought a fresh perspective to this delicate jewelry watch.”


Piaget – founded by Georges-Edouard Piaget in 1874 in La Côte-aux-Fées, a municipality in the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, is a globally renown luxury watchmaker and jeweller. Since 1988, Piaget is a subsidiary of the Swiss based Richemont Group and headquartered in Geneva.

Initially founded as a manufacturer of timepieces movements, the 20th century saw Piaget creating and marketing its own line of timepieces. As a watchmaker, Piaget is a pioneer in ultra-thin timepiece movements, both mechanical hand-wound and automatic. In addition, Piaget is a world-class jeweller. Their jewellery expertise comprises of design and craftsmanship, gem-cutting and setting, enameling, gold craftsmanship, as well as others. The combination of their watchmaking and jewellery heritage and expertise has resulted in iconic collections such as “Altiplano, Piaget Polo, Limelight Gala, Possession, Piaget Sunlight, Piaget Rose and Extremely Piaget.”

Piaget is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

Shamsa Alabbar

Shamsa Alabbar is a renowned jewellery designer from the United Arab Emirates. She founded her namesake brand in 2013.

“A leading figure in the contemporary Arabic jewellery world, since 2013, Shamsa Alabbar has been transposing the ancient codes of the Arabian Peninsula into a series of graphic pieces in which calligraphy and typography take on a new dimension.”

Limelight Gala by Shamsa Alabbar

The Limelight Gala, a Piaget luxury timepiece collection for ladies, was selected for this collaboration. The roots of this iconic collection go back to the 1970’s.

“Limelight Gala luxury watches are the embodiment of daring. Their design puts the spotlight squarely on asymmetry, extremely rare in jewellery and virtually non-existent in the world of watchmaking, but a specialty of Piaget. Its unusual attachments stretch out in a balance-spring set with diamonds.”

This collaboration fuses the designs elements of the Limelight Gala – the mesh work bracelet and the asymmetrical set diamonds – together with an “enchanting dial”  by Shamsa Alabbar. Inspired by the Token motif, a signature element of Shamsa Alabbar across her jewellery collection, it “also pays homage to Arabic typography and the iconic mashrabiya.”  Furthermore, “the dial distils the charm of a culture that it, now more than ever, part of the zeitgeist.”

“Piaget has always been a brand that captivated me with its unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship. It holds cherished memories of the most significant moments in my life. Whenever I visited the Piaget flagship store at the Dubai Mall, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by their creations, particularly their watches. The opportunity to design a dial for the Gala watch feels like a surreal dream come true.”  Shamsa Alabbar.

Dates and Useful Websites

The Limelight Gala by Shamsa Alabbar will be presented during 1st – 3rd March 2024 at Art Dubai, held at Madinat Jumeirah Conference and Events Centre. Piaget is presenting its House of Gold exhibition at Art Dubai.

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