Nature Hedonist launches its new Elementa 01 collection

Summer is here, and linen is here to help you cope with it. 

Summers in the UAE are brutal. To help daily life, one has to adapt and get a suitable set of wardrobe for themselves. This is where Nature Hedonist unveils its latest collection, drawing inspiration from the eternal relevance of the Latin word elementa, which refers to the fundamental components or building blocks of the Universe.

To help us battle the summer Nature Hedonist showcases its Elementa 01 collection, which is made of Oeko-Tex certified and European flax standard linen – a unique and breathable fabric that just gets better the more it’s worn. Each flowy linen silhouette allows for effortless movement while feeling comfortable in one’s skin.

Showcasing effortless dressing, Nature Hedonist’s iconic loose-fit shirts, chic wide-leg pants, soft linen maxi dresses, and linen coats. Earthy tones inspire the palate and take hints from our surroundings. The garments are layers of an encompassing capsule, making sure there is ease of movement and comfort.

Customers can visit the Nature Hedonist Boutique at Villa 15, 22A Street, Jumeirah, or shop directly from their website at

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