What's the difference?

MotoGP is understood to be the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. With names such as Rossi, Marquez, Stoner and Agostini, there aren’t too many people who are not aware that this is the motorcycle version of F1. With prototype bikes pushing 350 HP and  costing millions, it does make for very interesting racing albeit at a high cost.

But what of World Superbike. This series is gradually making it’s mark upon the motor racing world. A host of riders are making their way from MotoGP in to this series, bringing with them, not only race experience from the premier class, but their fans along with them. World Superbike racing is the motorcycle version of Touring Car racing, meaning that these are bikes that are in production and in order to race in the series, manufacturers have to ensure that the bikes that are homologated have to have a production run of at least 500 machines. This means that the common man can go out and buy a machine that is close(ish) to what they race in the series. They even go so far as to ensure that the paint scheme includes the headlights, to ensure that the bikes look like their road-going counterparts.

World Superbike gives the avid race fan 3 reasons to follow the series, meaning there are 3 races on every race weekend. Race 1 is on Saturday, the Superpole race on Sunday morning decides the grid for Race 2 which happens late on Sunday afternoon. This is a grand test of both man and machine and gives the fans 3 races for the price of 1.

 MotoGP has historically been a 1 race per race weekend series but now, it has taken a cue from World Superbike and in a bold move to provide more entertainment for the fans, is now in it’s first year of having 2 races per race weekend. They now have a Sprint race on Saturday before the main race on Sunday. Unlike World Superbike, the sprint race does not determine the grid for the main race but just serves for a way to gain additional points towards the championship.

Personally I watch both series. They both have great racing and provide an immense amounts of entertainment as well. But what do you like? Do you watch MotoGP or WSBK? Or, like me, do you watch both?

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