The Epitome Of Coolness!!

Started in 1903 this company has seen everything from World War to Covid 19 & yet it still remains one of the most iconic names in the industry. Mind you that Harley Davidson is the company which started the cruising culture in motorcycles.. It is the inspiration behind all the cruisers from Honda Goldwing to Bajaj Avenger.

Even the name of their motorcycles are iconic. Why? Cuz they don’t name them after a printing machines like Xr234, they give them proper names:


Then comes the exhaust note:

Some engines hum, some roar but Harley engines rumble.. The twin cylinders are arranged in a “V” connected to a single pin crank taking a pause between firing order, providing a low, deep throated sound often described as “potato-potato-potato”

You can’t deny the fact that Harleys stand out from every other motorcycles. Once I was stuck in traffic & as usual people with proper low IQ [i.e eveyone] was honking & in this scenario I heard  a wild rumble sound, so I turned my neck in the waves of sound & what I saw was a Hhugee motorcycle shining brighter than a face in a Vitamin C serum ad with a massive engine & a dual gun exhaust followed by a proper polished tank connected with a low seat & a fat fat tire. The bike was so beautiful that I got so much carried away by it that somehow the rider became totally invisible for me & since then I’ve seen many Harleys & yet the rider still becomes invisible for me.. It mesmerizes you!!


What would anyone imagine if they heard the name Harley Davidson? A long bike bathed in chrome with a fat rear tire and an iconic V twin… That’s exactly what a Harley Davidson is & should be!!

This is the only company which is somehow stuck to it’s roots & hence still selling their fabulous models in modern times.

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