McLaren Calls Its Latest Offering The 750S

It’s the lightest and most powerful series-production car the Woking-based brand has ever created.

What you see here is called the McLaren 750S. Replacing the fierce 720S, the newcomer is the lightest and most powerful series-production car the Woking-based brand has ever created. And like its predecessor, the 750S is available in coupe and Spider (convertible) forms.

The 750S doesn’t bring a new design to the table, aside from a few tweaks here and there. That includes new front and rear bumpers, an extended front splitter and a P1-inspired centre-exit exhaust outlet. However, McLaren says about 30 per cent of the components are new or changed, compared to the 720S. As a result, the 750S is more powerful, lighter and quicker. For instance, the carbon fibre monocoque construction contributes to a 30kg weight-saving over the 720S. Other contributors include forged wheels, new suspension components, carbon fibre seats and windscreen glass. And the Spider, which has a retractable hard top that can be opened in less than 11 seconds at speeds of up to 50kmph, weighs only 49kg more than the coupe.

The oomph comes from a reworked 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 coupled with a 7-speed automatic transmission. The engine puts out 740hp/800Nm, enough for a 0-100kmph sprint time of 2.8 seconds. Keep the accelerator pressed hard, and the car will clock 200kmph in 7.2 seconds (the Spider takes 7.3 seconds). McLaren claims both 750S versions can hit 332kmph at full stretch.

The McLaren 750S also features a new suspension setup, featuring softer springs at the front and stiffer at the rear than in the 720S. Also, the newcomer has a 6mm wider front track and reconfigured hydraulic steering, which comes with a faster steering ratio and a new power-assistance pump. Another upgrade is the vehicle-lift system, which does its job in four seconds compared to ten in the 720S.

The interior, more driver-focused than before, is available with full Nappa leather upholstery or a combination of Alcantara and Nappa leather, with new TechLux and Performance themes. In addition, debuting in the 750S is the McLaren Control Launcher. It allows drivers to personalise their driving experience by adjusting the aero, handling, powertrain and transmission settings. Also, new displays come into the equation, offering sharper graphics and support for Apple CarPlay.

Of course, several customisation options are available, covering everything from interior upholstery, exterior colours and wheels to brakes, seats and tyres. One could even pick lightweight titanium wheel bolts and up the music system with a Bowers & Wilkins setup.

McLaren has opened the order books for the 750S. However, there’s no word on its launch date and when the deliveries will commence.

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