Maserati releases the GranCabrio drop-top based on the GranTurismo coupe

Cutting off the roof, keeping the secret sauce the same, and adding five top colors should drum up more business for the Italian Trident

There is something unmistakable about seeing a Maserati. They’re a bit more sedate and luxury-oriented than the other Italian sports cars, but it’s the elegance that strikes me every time I see one. You know it’s something special. It’s a bit under the radar, but still dripping with presence. Maserati figures it can add a bit more to the secret sauce by cutting the roof off its GranTurismo with the new GranCabrio.

Sharing the V-6 Nettuno 3.0L twin-turbo with 542 horsepower in Trofeo trim, the new GranCabrio aims to please the eyes and the ears with its waste disposal pipes. This 100% Italian-produced convertible is marketed to give the best of the grand tourer experience without sacrificing the luxury of the fixed roof model.

The GranCabrio’s roof is fabric and can be ordered in five colors. The roof can be stowed in 14 seconds and up to speeds of approximately thirty miles per hour. If you’re a bit anti-convertible for all the wind and open-air issues, know that Maserati has thought of you. They’ve added an innovative neck warmer for both the driver and passenger. In addition to the neck warmer, an optional wind stopper can be used with two aboard to reduce the turbulence so that any conversation isn’t missed, and your hair doesn’t go wild.

Let’s be honest too, this car is rolling pornography. I don’t think Maserati has ever been guilty of making an ugly car—not since the Biturbo in my recollection—and it’s easy to see that chopping off the roof didn’t butcher the design from the GranTurismo. This convertible could be a suitable alternative to the BMW M4 convertible—in looks, power, and drivetrain—if it weren’t for the fact Maserati models plummet in value far faster than just about anything else. I just wonder if they’re going to take the Folgore EV and cut the roof off too and do something really unique!

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