LEXUS LFA: The Pinnacle Of Automobile Engineering.

 Lexus is basically a Japanese Mercedes which makes luxury,hybrid & environment friendly cars right?..But there’s more to it!!

History: it was the year 2000 when the people at Lexus had a brain wave & decided to make a super car. So to make one they started developing concepts, making prototypes & listening to the suggestions of the people who were half bald or in other terms the engineers. So after sweating for day & night for 5 full years they were ready to put the car into production line, except somebody from Lexus said ”what if we made the chassis from Carbon Fiber”?? and instead of throwing chairs at him, they agreed & started all over again….

And finally after 10 years of hard work the special product from Lexus was ready to be sold in the year 2009.

So what made this car so special? After all it’s just a Lexus.

The crown of LFA was its engine, but every other thing that runs on petrol has an engine. What’s new in it?Basically the engine was a V10 with the size of a V8 & weigh less than a V6 making 520hp & enough torque to pull an elephant.


 Then comes the exhaust note of those dancing 10 cylinders, which I guess is the best sound track ever made by any combustion engine.It sounds so good that it makes you pause for a second and this sound track was made possible by another Japanese company known for making musical instruments & sometimes vehicles. ”The YAMAHA”. The engine of LFA was developed & engineered by YAMAHA & they do know how make an instrument sound good..

The YAMAHA made the engine from the elements which are hard to pronounce namely, Aluminium,Magnesium & Titanium.These elements were super light & managed to rev the engine from 0 to 9000rpm in 0.6sec…THAT’S FASTER THAN A CARDIAC CYCLE!!!

It was also equipped with a digital tachometer (which was quite rare for that time) because the engine revved so fast that the conventional analog meter would simply break into two if you ask it to display the rpm of that 10 cylinders.

So the collaboration of YAMAHA & LEXUS made the LFA to sound like no other car in the world & made it to handle as if there was a vacuum placed underneath the car to keep it stuck on the road.It had all the elements which was required for a super car, but still Lexus couldn’t managed to sell it. Why?

Time & Money is the answer: the LFA took almost a decade to get into the production, hence the technology it had to offer was already seen in other cars.Then after its launch people took another decade to understand what kind of a gem it was,upon that the LFA was priced at USD 3,75,000 which was just enough to buy you 4 Nissan GTR’s or a house with a Porsche in its garage or a liter of petrol in 2030.

Final Verdict:

LFA was a very misunderstood product from Lexus which left people scratching their head when it was released.It was so misunderstood that even after being priced at  3,75,000$ Lexus lost money on every single car that left the dealership.This was the time when Lexus Engineers outranked the Lexus Accountants.. & fast forward to the year 2023, where the LFA is finally gaining the respect & value it deserved.

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