Lego may soon offer a Tesla Center building set

In order to be validated and marketed by Lego, the set must receive 10,000 votes

A Tesla Center in your living room may become a reality. The Lego Ideas website, which lists proposed models to build, recently received an idea for a Tesla workshop. User Airbricks95 has suggested a complete building with solar panels on the roof and perfectly reproduced Tesla logos. In front of the shop window there are five parking spaces, three of which are equipped with Superchargers, of course.

A sales area and a maintenance area more real than life

Here again, the charging stations faithfully respect the shape and colours of the real Supercharger. The charging cable has not been forgotten either. The only regret is the absence of the Tesla inscription on the top of the terminals. Inside the workshop, there is a sales area and an area dedicated to car maintenance, as in the real Tesla Center. The walls of the shop showcase the possibilities for customizing your Tesla, with the added bonus of a small bodywork colour chart.

A project eligible from 10,000 votes

In the workshop, it’s more like a toolbox and a lifting bridge with technicians. All the equipment dedicated to the maintenance of Tesla cars is there. And of course, as a bonus, there are four Tesla vehicles: a Model Y, two Model Ses and a Cybertruck. If the pickup truck is relatively well done, the realization of the sedans and the SUV would deserve more care since they are… unrecognizable.

In other words, the idea needs 10,000 votes to have a chance of succeeding and the campaign ends in 592 days. At the time of writing, 3,774 votes have been counted. Anyone can participate. The only condition is that you have an account on Lego Ideas. As soon as the 10,000 votes are reached, the project will be submitted to a committee of experts. Tesla fans and big kids beware!

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