Johnny Lightning’s Cobra from the barn…

A lost legend recreated in 1/64 scale.

I remember playing one of the original Forza Horizon games on Xbox 360 where you could drive around and locate barn finds to restore and add to your garage. One of them was a Shelby Cobra Daytona. I remember thinking “yeah right, one of six Daytona Coupes? What a dumb car to use as a barn find”. Apparently, that actually happened.

While it wasn’t technically one of the original six Daytonas, a prototype was discovered in a storage unit in California back in 2001. Apparently, chassis CSX2287 fell off the radar at some point in the mid-1970’s. Johnny Lightning made a 1/64 replica of that exact car based on how it looked the day it resurfaced.

I don’t often browse the Johnny Lightning pegs, but this one was too cool to leave behind. According to the packaging, this is how the prototype Daytona looked the day it was dug out of a storage unit after three decades. Dirty, dusty, and some random accolades written in yellow on the doors. This car is part of JL’s ‘Street Freaks’ series, with this one representing the “Barn Finds”. There are two Zingers, a Kustomized car, the aforementioned Barn Find, a 24 Hours of LeMons, and a Project in Progress car all within Release 1.

I’m a huge fan of the Cobra Daytona, and I think we can all agree that the Hot Wheels casting just doesn’t do it justice. There is some extra flashing left over on the dual-side exit exhaust pipes, and the headlights lack some depth, but I think the overall shape of the car was nailed by Johnny Lightning. No awkward, mega sized rear tires here!

How would you react if you found a Cobra Daytona in a barn?

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