Hysek Launches a New Version of its Furtif Skeleton Timepiece

Meticulous design, unlimited customization options, and a new 100% manufacture calibre for this 44mm square timepiece.

Hysek – a leading Swiss haute horology timepiece brand has launched a new version of their Furtif Skeleton timepiece. The square case Furtif now comes with meticulous design, unlimited customization options and a new 100% manufacture calibre.


Hysek was founded in Switzerland in 1997.

In Hysek’s own words:

“Hysek first emerged onto the scene in 1997 with the Kilada timepiece, immediately establishing the brand’s unashamedly disruptive approach to watchmaking. Mr. Akram ALJORD took over the company in 2000, overseeing its international expansion to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. The first tourbillons came out in 2003, soon followed by the first grandes complications.”

“In 2007 Hysek became a fully-fledged, integrated manufacture, producing its own calibres and complications independently. The Abyss was the first timepiece to be equipped with an in-house tourbillon, in 2008. Two years later, the brand opened its first flagship store in Singapore before going on to open boutiques in Geneva, Shanghai, Moscow and many other locations. Today, Hysek continues to pursue its unique creative vision, applying its own watchmaking ethos to innumerable complications and variations on the theme of the tourbillon, with a special focus on jumping hours, chronographs, and triple time zones amongst other features.”

Design and Calibre:

The Furtif Skeleton is a square case timepiece powered by Hysek calibre HW34 – an in-house skeletonized hand-wound calibre – whose functions are hours and minutes. It comprises 172 components, has 24 jewels, beats at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour or 4 Hz, and has a minimum power reserve of 45 hours. It has a charcoaled mainplate, and hand-finished and beveled bridges. The bridges also have a vertical and circular satin finish.

Additional features and details:

– Skeletonized hour and minute hands on the centre of the dial. Both are applied with a type of lume.

– Vertical section top to bottom on the right-side of the calibre. On the top and bottom there is a screw, resembling a three-spoke steering wheel. (Not sure if these are functional or a design touch.) Below the top screw, numeral ‘1’ is present, and on top of the bottom screw, numeral ‘5’ is present. Between the ‘1’ and ‘5’, hour and minute markers are graduated vertically.

– The escapement is situated at 11 o’clock. Below that onwards till the bottom, there is a vertical section – situated on the left-side of the calibre, (like the vertical section on the right side.) Above the screw (same as the two screws on the right side), numeral ‘7’ is present. Above this, hour and minute markers are graduated vertically – until they reach the escapement. Above the escapement, the same three-spoke screw is present.

– Both these vertical sections are placed above the mainplate of the calibre.

– On the All Black version, the numerals have a dark grey border and a black interior. On the Purple and Blue versions, the numerals have a silver border and a black interior. On the Classic version, the numerals have a gold border and a black interior.

– The seconds-wheel is situated on the left side of the numeral’1’. Visible between the seconds-wheel and the escapement at 11 o’clock is the escape wheel.

– The barrel – which provides 45 hours power reserve – is present behind the right-side vertical section at 5 o’clock. ‘Swiss Made’ is inscribed vertically on the section of the mainplate above the barrel.

– Bridges are visible, for example from the barrel to near 7 o’clock.

– On the left side of the mainplate, ‘40’, ‘45’, ‘50’ are inscribed discreetly.

– On the right side of the mainplate, and read upwards, ‘Hysek’ is displayed on a plate.

In Hysek’s own words:

“The most distinctive feature is visible on the movement’s square chassis, running all around the case: a ‘charcoaled’ finish. The charbonnage technique is hardly ever used in watchmaking but Hysek has chosen to give it pride of place here. It involves applying a stick of a specific type of charcoal, by hand, leaving a unique pattern and forming an extremely soft, gentle abrasion that brings out all the highlights of the surface.”

“Every single decorative component has been designed exclusively for this model. To ensure the light reveals as rich a composition as possible, Hysek has worked on both the depth and the finish of its movement by creating different layers ranging from the time set mechanism to the upper bridge that gives the entire calibre its rigidity, and horizontal satin finish for the inner frame of the case and the vertical or circular satin finish of the bridges.”

Case and Versions:

“ “Furtif”, French for “Stealth”, refers to the highly bevelled edges of the watch case as well as the high-end technologies used to achieve such a technical design.”

“The Furtif succeed in showing intense originality down to the minutest details, with their in-house made titanium and gold cases and flexible lugs for an optimized ergonomy on the wrist.”

The Furtif Skeleton has a square case crafted in titanium with rotating lugs. Its dimensions are length 44mm, height 51mm and a case thickness of 14mm. It is water resistant upto 30 metres. It has a sapphire crystal back. All 4-versions come with an alligator leather strap and have a Hysek fold-over buckle.

Additional features and details:

– The open dial is surrounded by a square frame, slightly thicker at the top and bottom as compared to the left and right sides.

– The square frame is affixed to the case by a screw on each of the 4-corners. These screws are round with three holes – an attractive functional and design touch. Viewed from the side, part of the screw connecting the square frame with the main case is visible.

– On the left and right of the case, a PVD, rose gold or other material element (depending on version or customization) is present. On the left side, it says ‘Hysek’. The crown is on the right side of the case at 3 o’clock.

– The two circular features – on the left and right side of these elements are for the rotating lugs. The lugs fully extend from left to right on both the top and bottom part of the case, creating ample open space. They appear to be the case itself!

– The Furtif Skeleton is a large timepiece, and the rotating lugs provide a wearer with a smaller wrist to enjoy this timepiece. The case crafted in titanium ensures the timepiece is light on the wrist.

The 4-versions are as follows:

Furtif Skeleton All Black – Titanium case, black PVD elements on the case, black accents on the skeletonized calibre, black alligator leather strap, and black PVD buckle.

Furtif Skeleton Purple – Titanium case, purple accents on the skeletonized calibre, purple alligator strap, and titanium buckle.

Furtif Skeleton Blue – Titanium case, blue PVD elements on the case, blue accents on the skeletonized calibre, blue alligator leather strap, and titanium buckle.

Furtif Skeleton Classic – Titanium case, rose gold elements on the case – including the 4-screws on square frame, titanium / grey accents on the skeletonized calibre, brown alligator leather strap, and titanium buckle.

In addition to these 4-versions, customizations options are available.

In Hysek’s own words:

“Bearing in mind the various customisation options for the pieces even before taking into account any engravings that may be added on the inserts, Hysek has engraved a very special motto on its new Furtif 44 mm Squelette: “Limited to…Infinity”. Indeed, no two timepieces will ever be alike.”

Concluding Thoughts:

The Furtif Skeleton is truly an avant-garde timepiece. It combines elements from classical horology – especially the skeletonized calibre HW34 – and merges it with a bold, modern, and futuristic case. Both the calibre and case are rich in detail. The 4-versions along with customization options ensure there is a Furtif Skeleton to suit most tastes and preferences.

Pricing and Availability:

Reference: FU4434B02

Furtif Skeleton All Black

Price: Swiss Franc (CHF): 21860.00


Reference: FU4434B03

Furtif Skeleton Purple

Price: Swiss Franc (CHF): 21860.00


Reference: FU4434B04

Furtif Skeleton Blue

Price: Swiss Franc (CHF): 21860.00


Reference: FU4434B01

Furtif Skeleton Classic

Price: Swiss Franc (CHF): 25960.00


These prices are as per Hysek’s website at the time of authoring this article.

These timepieces are available online via their website.

They are available at Hysek’s worldwide network of Authorized Dealers, details of which are available on their website. In addition, Hysek has an Exclusive Boutique in Dubai Mall, UAE.

Website: www.hysek.swiss

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