Furlan Marri introduces the Furlan Marri x Time Tide Outback Elegy, ref. 2222-A

A Special Three-Hands edition for Time+Tide of Australia.

Furlan Marri – a Geneva, Switzerland based timepiece brand, has recently introduced the Furlan Marri Editions – by revealing a special version of their time-only three-hands mechanical timepiece for prominent Australian timepiece platform Time+Tide.

Furlan Marri:

Furlan Marri was founded in April 2021 by two friends – Andrea Furlan and Hamad Al Marri. Furlan Marri designs and creates high quality and affordable timepieces – powered by a range of mechaquartz and mechanical calibres.

“We are two friends united by a common passion for watchmaking and creating new projects.”

Andrea Furlan is Co-Founder and Lead Designer:

In the brand’s own words:

“Andrea Furlan is a Swiss industrial designer (graduate from ECAL, Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, Switzerland) who is passionate about the world of watchmaking from an early age. After working several years for prestigious brands (internships for Chopard, Hublot, Sarcar and HD3 Complication), notably for Dominique Renaud (founder of Renaud & Papi, one of the largest manufacturers who developed movements with complications for Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille and Cartier among others), with whom he designed a complex watch called DR01 Twelve First. He moved to Asia and California after 4 years, where he became a watch design consultant for various major groups in mass production and online distribution. After several trips there, he met and worked directly with the most demanding partners who are now supporting him in the creation of the project, since November 2019.”

In Andrea’s own words:

“15 years ago, my grandfather left me a watchmaker’s cabinet filled with old tools, pocket watch components and letters from suppliers of the “ Vallée de Joux “ and “ Le Brassus “. I believe that I developed a certain curiosity for vintage products and watch aesthetic in general since that moment. He also left me his watch, it had a story and that’s what touched me. It is fascinating to know that behind every watch, whether diving, lost during the Second world war or belonging to a famous actor, one or more stories are hidden and are ready to be told.” – Andrea.

Hamad Al Marri is Co-Founder and Artist:

In the brand’s own words:

“Hamad Al Marri is a watch collector and artist from the Middle East who studied business management in Australia. Since his childhood, he has been walking around auction houses and dreaming of incredible stories that watches could tell. His passion for independent watchmakers and watch finishing has never ceased, he brings his knowledge and insight into future collections and the vision of the brand.”

In Hamad’s own words:

“I was 14 years old when my father gave me an Omega Seamaster as a gift. My love for watches in general came from this particular moment of happiness with my dad. Later, I particularly loved to see the watches sold at auctions, reading their stories and dreaming of having one of them on my wrist.” – Hamad.

In Andrea and Hamad’s own words:

“Furlan Marri is a tribute to our family members, who have kept both of us so passionate during all these years. We are here to create experiences, tell stories, produce timeless design with the highest quality and make this story last for future generations.”

Furlan Marri Editions:

The Furlan Marri x Time Tide Outback Elegy, ref. 2222-A debuts a new initiative for the brand – Furlan Marri Editions. These are special boutique editions.

In the brand’s own words:

“These editions will be available only for physical sale at the dedicated point of sale. As part of our ongoing commitment to inclusivity, we conceived the distribution concept specifically for our community. Indeed, no need to travel to the other side of the world to get one: once per year, a special limited batch will be available on our website to allow our community from all around the world to get one.”

Time+Tide and Time+Tide Watch Discovery Studio:

Founded by Andrew McUtchen in 2014 as a side-hustle in Melbourne, Australia; today Time+Tide it is one of the world’s leading watch content platforms with a global reach. Today they have a US Editor in New York City – Zach Blass and an Australian Editor in Melbourne and Sydney – Jamie Weiss. Their Creative Director – Marcus Flack – lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Time+Tide Watch Discovery Studio – located in Melbourne, Australia – is an offline element to the online Time+Tide. Available brands include independents such as Baltic Watches, Fears Watch, Furlan Marri, Studio Underdog and others such as Doxa Watches, Hamiltan Watch, and Zodiac Watches. Melbourne is their flagship studio. Soon they will have a studio in London.

In the brand’s own words:

“The Time+Tide Watch Discovery Studio is a flagship studio located in Melbourne, Australia, mixing independent latest watch brands and cult classics. The studio is a space for unrivaled hands-on experiences curated by true enthusiasts, product launches hosted by partner brands, or potential sneak peeks into what’s coming up on Time+Tide, courtesy of the podcast corner.”

Furlan Marri x Time Tide and Design:

Furlan Marri appointed Time+Tide as their official retailer in 2023. This move allows Furlan Marri to be “physically present in Australia and be a part of the ‘Time+Tide Watch Discovery Studio’, already set in their Melbourne flagship and coming soon in London.”

Time+Tide is celebrating its 10th birthday in 2024 and will be hosting a series of events etc. and limited-edition timepieces. A perfect opportunity for Furlan Marri to be involved and introduce their first ever Furlan Marri edition timepiece.

The model chosen by Furlan Marri is their classic three hander – hours, minutes, and centre seconds – with a sector dial, powered by a self-winding mechanical movement. Its case has cow-horn shaped lugs. It’s called the Furlan Marri x Time Tide Outback Elegy, ref. 2222-A, and its dial gets a new treatment.

“We’ve added warm tones to the dial, reminding us of the endless landscapes of Australia and its orange – tone outback elegy.”


The Outback Elegy has a beautiful sector dial. The dial has a finely grained and lacquered finish. The hour and minute hands are role gold plated and are curved. The hour – markers are applied. The dial features metallic double printed text.

The inner-dial is a circle divided into 4 sections or sectors by two lines – one from top to bottom and the other from left to right. Approximately between the centre of the dial and 12 o’clock, it displays “Furlan Marri” and below that “Editions”, the latter in bright red and in a smaller font – a lovely contrast against the backdrop of the dial.

Outside this inner-dial, there is a thick inner-section for the hours. Roman numerals are present at I, II, IV, VI, VIII, X and XII. A baton hour marker is present for 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. There are three smaller minute markers between each hour track.

Outside this inner section, there is a small gap, before a thin outer-section on the edge of the dial encircles the dial. This section is graduated for the seconds. There is a numeral at every 5 second interval, for example 05, 10, 15, and so on. Below 30, it displays “Swiss”.

The dial is a combination of vintage vibes while resembling a scientific instrument.

In brand’s own words:

“The dial features a finely stamped texture enhanced by raised applied hour – markers with hands and double-printed.”

“The finish adorning the sector – type dial is achieved by stamping it with a tool whose grain is obtained through electric shock to create a unique finish. Exclusively reserved for Furlan Marri editions, we can read the word ‘EDITIONS’, under the Furlan Marri logo at 12 o’clock.”

“The double printing technique used, combined with the applied Roman – style hour – markers in polished steel, give the dial depth and relief. The hands are curved in both directions, and the central axis of the seconds hand is filled in.”

“The dial is covered with a scratch – proof sapphire crystal featuring five anti – reflective coatings as well as a fingerprint – resistant coating. This also applies to the case back, through which the movement can be admired.”


The Outback Elegy is powered by a mechanical automatic calibre called G100 and assembled by La Joux – Perret in La Chaux – de – Fonds in Switzerland. It is a Swiss Made calibre. Its functions are hours, minutes, and centre seconds. It features a second-hand reset or hacking seconds. The calibre has 24 jewels and a power reserve of 68 hours. Few of its features include an “engraved tungsten rotor with galvanized palladium coating and gold engravings.”  It has high end finishes such as Geneva stripes, snailing, and blued – steel screws. The calibre is visible via a sapphire caseback.

In brand’s own words:

“Talking about the movement: a self – winding mechanical movement crafted in La Chaux – de – Fonds, Switzerland by La Joux – Perret. It is powered by a tungsten rotor with galvanized palladium coating to ensure both optimum weight distribution and smooth rotation. The movement also offers a 68 – hour power reserve. All the movements feature a high – end finish and offer enhanced precision control (+/- 7 seconds per day). The movement’s finishes are the same as those provided on the first model: Geneva Stripes, snailing, blued – steel screws and the words “Furlan Marri, crafted with care, designed for details” engraved on the rotor.”


The Outback Elegy’s case is crafted in 316L steel. It has a case diameter of 37.5mm, lugs to lugs distance of 46mm, and a thickness of 10.5mm. Few of its finishes include, “interiors lined with a circular – grained pattern, deep – embossed logo and signature with case number and other information, alternating polished and satin – brushed effect.”  On both the dial and the caseback side, there is a “scratch – proof sapphire crystal with five layers of anti – reflective coating and one fingerprint – resistant coating”,  the latter only on dial side. The timepiece is water resistant upto 50 metres or 5 ATM.

In the brand’s own words:

“The steel case is assembled in several phases to allow for inspection of the finishes, particularly around the cow – horn – shaped lugs that are attached to the case once finishing has been completed. The lugs are connected by a bridge that can be seen at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, on which we have chosen to engrave the brand’s name alongside the model’s serial number and production number, which are unique to each timepiece. The bezel is also finished separately, then attached to the case. The case is similarly adorned with a range of special finishes. Internally, it is lined with a circular – grained pattern from the inside of the bezel to the screw – down decagonal case back and features an alternating satin – brushed and polished effect on the sides and lugs. The notches on the crown have been left “rough” and prominent to assert an aesthetic choice and attachment to history. The decagonal case back is clipped then circular – brushed and polished, before being engraved with the brand name and the model’s reference number.”

Strap, Buckle and Box:

The Outback Elegy is provided with two leather straps – brown, which is curved and black, which is straight. Their desired position is selected using the two holes in the lugs. Its buckle is crafted in 316L steel and is engraved with the model’s reference number.

In the brand’s own words:

“Two holes are cut inside the lugs to enable the wearer to choose between a strap with curved or straight spring bars: each position corresponds to a different type of strap. The watch is therefore delivered with two straps: one in French leather and one in Italian leather, both vegetable – tanned.”

“The watch is accompanied by a travel – style box in shades of brown, together with the appropriate documents and certificates.”

Concluding Thoughts:

Brands like Furlan Marri offer timepieces that combine well thought out design, high-quality construction, abundance of details and affordability to a broader community of timepiece collectors. In addition to democratizing timepiece collecting, they bring excitement with their new launches. Their timepieces are ideal for a first-time or beginner timepiece collector, as well as a worthy addition to a horological connoisseur’s collection. The Outback Elegy illustrates the global, entrepreneurial, and dynamic nature of the horology industry. A young Swiss timepiece brand, founded by two friends, now offering a unique edition of their gorgeous mechanical three hander for a prominent Australian timepiece platforms first offline studio. The horology industry is all the better for this sort of dynamic partnership.

Availability and Pricing:

Reference: Furlan Marri edition for Time+Tide: Outback Elegy, ref. 2222-A.

Price: Swiss Franc (CHF): 1500 / Australian Dollar $ (AUD) 2650. Prices excluding taxes.

Online Availability: The Outback Elegy will be available on the Time+Tide website on January 25th, 2024, Australian time. Shipping is worldwide, and the timepiece is not limited to Australia. Customers worldwide are welcome to try their luck online. This will be a 24-hour pre-order window. They will close sales after 24 hours, but it is possible that the timepieces might get sold out before the 24-hour window.

For those who miss this opportunity, there will be another limited batch on the Furlan Marri website for a final online drop a few weeks later.

Offline Availability: After the first Time+Tide online drop, this timepiece will be exclusively available in Time+Tide Studio in Melbourne, and the upcoming studio in London.




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