The New P Zero Winter 2 from BMW and Pirelli provide improved Range

 The new P Zero Winter 2 tyres are different. Thanks to some clever design and material choices, they’ve overcome this challenge.

Good news for electric car owners who dread winter! BMW and Pirelli just unveiled a game-changer: new 20-inch P Zero Winter 2 tyres designed specifically for the BMW 7 Series. These tyres are all about giving you a confident drive in winter weather without sacrificing the range you love about your electric vehicle.

Custom-made for Top Performance

BMW is known for its high standards, and its tyres are no exception. Every BMW gets special tyres developed just for that model, ensuring the best possible performance and safety. These tyres even get a special BMW Star-Mark seal of approval. This teamwork between BMW and Pirelli reflects Pirelli’s “Perfect Fit” philosophy – creating tyres that work flawlessly with the specific cars they’re designed for.

The Winter Blues: When Tyres Zap Your Range

Normally, winter tyres mean a bit less range for your electric car. That’s because they have special treads and compounds to grip snow and cold, wet roads – but this grip comes at a cost (increased rolling resistance, which means the tyres take more energy to keep rolling). The new P Zero Winter 2 tyres are different. Thanks to some clever design and material choices, they’ve overcome this challenge.

More Kilometers, Less Worry

Here’s the exciting part: the P Zero Winter 2 tyres can add up to 50 kilometres of extra range to your electric BMW i7 compared to regular winter tyres. That’s a big deal for EV drivers who worry about how far they can go on a single charge in winter.

Going Green on the Road

Both BMW and Pirelli are committed to sustainability, and that’s reflected in these new tyres. They use recycled materials wherever possible and focus on reducing their environmental impact. The P Zero Winter 2 is a symbol of their shared vision for eco-friendly driving and their drive to push the boundaries of tyre technology.

Hitting the Road Soon

The P Zero Winter 2 tyres will be available for the BMW 7 Series starting this August. And there’s more good news! This technology is expected to be rolled out to other BMW models soon, with the new X3 being next in line later this year.

The collaboration between BMW and Pirelli is a major leap forward in winter tyre technology, especially for electric vehicles. It means EV drivers can experience the joys of winter driving without having to worry about running out of juice before they reach their destination.

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