Bentley Will Replace Its W12 With This

Juicier details will be revealed over the coming weeks, but the perspective has been set.

For a while now, Bentley has been telling us about the inevitable retirement of its iconic W12. Officially, the story began to unfold in February last year. That’s when we learnt that before the twin-turbocharged gas-guzzler goes out of production, it’ll feature in select models in its most potent form – 750ps/1,000Nm. An example would be the recently revealed Bentley Batur Convertible.

Another hint the Brits gave back then was that the replacement would be a plug-in hybrid. And so it is! Although Bentley has refrained from releasing the juicier details, it has confirmed that it’ll be a “performance-focused” V8 hybrid powertrain. “The new powertrain will also be the most dynamic, most responsive and most efficient system in Bentley’s history”, mentions an official release.

The new powertrain will work on the same lines as Bentley’s current hybrid propulsion systems. To claim top-tier status, the V8 hybrid will offer over 750ps of power and deliver an all-electric range of 80km. The peak torque will be a four-digit figure over a broader rev range. And courtesy of the electric motor in the mix, the powertrain will deliver a WLTP drive cycle CO2 number of less than 50g/km.

The perspective has been set. However, we’ll have to wait a few weeks to learn more about the upcoming powerplant. If you really want to know more right away, I mean REALLY, perhaps you should check out the Lamborghini Urus SE that broke cover last month. It should paint the overall picture, in vibrant colours, of what Bentley might bring to the party. After all, both Bentley and Lamborghini find shade under the same umbrella, extended by the VW Group.

Bentley will pull the plug on the W12 this summer. And by the time the engine goes out of production, 105,000 units will have been manufactured over the last two decades. If that makes you teary-eyed, here’s something that can bring that bright smile back – the soundtrack of Bentley’s V8 hybrid.


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