Audi To Enter Formula 1 In 2026

Audi will be entering Formula 1 in 2026 and will provide the power unit to one of the teams.

While the motorsport circuit has been reels from a plethora of driver announcements (read Vettel’s retirement and Ricciardo’s exit from McLaren),

Audi has announced it’s entry into the Formula 1 world. From 2026, Audi will compete in the Formula 1 World Championship with a specially designed power unit. The power unit will be developed at Audi’s Sports facility in Neuburg, Germany, making it the first time in more than a decade that a Formula 1 power unit is being built in Germany.

The Neuburg facility boasts of test benches for F1 engine testing, electric motor testing and battery testing providing a head start for Audi to start their F1 journey. Additional preparations in terms of buildings and technical infrastructure is expected

As the new power unit regulations come into effect from 2026, there will be an almost 50/50 split between ICE and electric assistance and synthetic fuel will be 100% carbon neutral. The electric motor will be almost as powerful as the combustion engine which has an output of 544hp. The highly efficient 1.6-liter turbo engines will help Audi’s entry into the series.

Audi is focusing all it’s strength into the Formula 1 project after the discontinuation of it’s LMDh project. The motorsport division recently suspended the development of the sports car for endurance racing. Audi will also continue to focus on it’s innovation project with the RS-Q E-Tron in the Dakar Rally.

Audi made this announcement right before the weekend leading up to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps. The German carmaker will further unveil its chosen F1 team for alliance for the 2026 season by the end of this year.

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