Audi proves it’s serious about EVs with the new Q6 e-tron quattro

The first volume EV from Audi was going to be a compact SUV because, of course, it would be

I am a bit bearish on the electric vehicle market at the moment. Those early adopters already have taken the plunge. Those left aren’t quite sure or ready, even downright against electric vehicles. This isn’t stopping the likes of Audi, as they are preparing for a fully electric future with the all-new Q6 e-tron quattro. They’re betting the farm on the hottest segment in the automotive world and bringing a fully electric CUV to market.

The platform in which this new Q6 rides is totally new and aptly named the Premium Platform Electric (PPE)—which my post-Covid mind can only see as ‘Personal Protective Equipment’. It is an electric platform used for several body styles with fully flat floors or high floors. This platform allows for 800-volt architecture, powerful motors, a modern battery, and a charging management system and will be produced at the home of Audi in Ingolstadt for the first time. 

On the topic of batteries, the Q6 will come equipped with up to 100kW of storage and can accept fast charging up to 270kW. The charging management system and architecture will allow for a ten-minute charge to gain 158 miles of fast charging. A ten percent to eighty percent charge is possible in a mere twenty-one minutes as well. A total of 388 miles of range are possible on a full charge.

Being an EV you’re right to assume it’s quick—0-62 mph in 4.3 seconds—but the digital OLED lights are more impressive. Audi is releasing their next generation of OLED lighting that features the “world’s first active digital light signature.” Audi touts their headlights and rear lights as “looking alive at first glance,” due to there being six panels with 360 segments that can generate a new image every ten milliseconds. Which, to any layperson means, ‘cool looking lights,’ and for us nerds, you won’t be seeing any additional reflectors haphazardly stuck to the side of the car because the whole thing is visible as it is required to be just with the new lighting.

All and all, it looks like Audi might have a hit on its hands in the hottest-selling segment. Time will tell if EV purchases increase or remain a bit stagnant in the short term. But what do you think? Do you think Audi is on the right track with their newest people mover?!

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