All-new Audi SQ6 e-tron EV makes global debut at Milan Design Week

SQ6 display takes up one quadrant of the stupendous “Reflaction” mirror installation

German automobile manufacturer Audi has chosen the iconic Portrait Milano to showcase to the world, the all-new Audi SQ6 e-tron EV. Visitors of the Milan Design Week will have the opportunity to experience the Audi brand firsthand, from 15 to 28 April, within the House of Progress at the Portrait Milano hotel, which is one of the venues of the Interni Cross Vision exhibition held in Italy.

There resides an installation named “Reflaction” created by architecture studio BIG, in the Piazza del Quadrilatero, Reflaction is the portmanteau of the words “reflection” and “action”. The installation plays with the effects of reflection and refraction using two high mirror walls that symmetrically intersect, dividing the centre of Portrait Milano’s square into four equal sections. From the aerial perspective, the installation forms a plus sign signifying both the arithmetic “plus” and to a programmatic representation. It also divides the area into four distinct sections, echoing the four rings of the Audi logo.

The first of the sections is “Community”, which is a space for visitors to socialize. The second is the “Knowledge” section, a reproduction of an amphitheatre that will host meetings. The third is the “Audi Digital Light” space which showcases examples of Audi’s pioneering lighting technology. But the heart of the exhibition and the forth space is the “Performance” area where the new Audi Q6 e-tron in its sporty SQ6 variant is being exhibited, marking its world debut. This is the first electric vehicle produced in Ingolstadt which is certified as carbon neutral and is thought to be a new expression of Vorsprung (Avant-garde). The Q6 e-tron is Audi’s first vehicle that adorns the styling language introduced by the sphere series concept, which prioritizes form follows function and is designed from inside out. The electric SUV boasts a range up to 625 km, and charging power up to 270 kW, allowing for a recharge of up to 255 km in ten minutes. These capabilities are complemented by the model’s driving dynamism and advanced digitization like AI-driven voice control and the innovative “digital stage” boasting a panoramic display.

From Corso Venezia, Audi’s journey continues on Via Montenapoleone, the upscale shopping street, showcasing “Reflaction” on a smaller scale, before heading to the University of Milan.

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