Yezdi forever bike forever value. But does it hold up to its slogan?

The review & some features of Yezdi from its owner.


Yezdi the king of 2stroke

You can hear the exhaust note, the smell of 2t oil & can visualize a smoky motorcycle gliding through the road, that’s what comes to mind when you hear the name Yezdi.


Yezdi was initially launched in 1973 when ideal jawa’s liscence got cancelled & they introduced a replacement to jawa.The first yezdi was named as “B” type which was basically a jawa but with slightly different tank & side panels.Further the company introduced some other models like Yezdi d250, Classic, Roadking, Oilking & Deluxe. And there was a special type of Yezdi Roadking named as Dollar$ Roadking,because for some reason you had to pay in dollars to purchase the motorcycle.

This particular model is 1997 yezdi 250 classic 2, it had a single cylinder twin exhaust 2stroke engine which makes about 16bhp and peak torque arrives at 3500rpm & power is delivered through 4speed gearbox.Obviously being a 90s bike it had drum brakes both at front & back. Fun fact: the size of both front & rear wheel is exactly same,so for whatever reason you can switch them whenever you want. The only problem is that it’s a complicated process. Seriously I’m not exaggerating,I grew up by sitting on the tank of this bike, so i quite know about it & i can assure you that its a hard job to do that.First you have to match the rear wheel & then unlock the chain case… leave it I’m not gonna get into it. Right…back to review, this motorcycle actually defines the characteristic of what it feels like to be connected with an engine, it kinda gives a human feeling to you.Sometimes it will bother you if you don’t take a good care of it like leaving it to rust or splashing too much of water while washing. But if you do a better job then boy oh boy there’s nothing reliable & friendly as Yezdi.The carbureted engine is so precise in throwing the mixture of air & fuel into the engine that it gives you chills down your spine & a sense of feeling that you’re actually operating something mechanical

Then there comes the exhaust note of the engine.No its not a fuel injected crossplane inline 4cylinder like a yamaha R1, its just a single cylinder 2stroke with a twin exhaust attached to it which creates symphony with every drop of petrol coming through them.Being a carbureted engine the throttle is so precise that it gives you accurate beats by which you can judge that the rider of this bike is actually a person who has maintained it over the years & kinda know what he is doing or some sort of person who asked for the keys of the bike & went stalling it, pumping the hell out of the engine & his lungs but still cant start it.Ah the word pumping is somewhat attached in starting process of Yezdi\Jawa.

First you gotta push the gear rod inside with your calcaneus bone or in other words with your ankle which leads to conversion of gear rod into kick rod, now you gotta build compression by pumping it to & fro & then give it a final boost pump with some amount of effort which leads the engine to ignite fuel & air mixture or basically starting the engine,then push the kick rod back & now its your gear rod, its so cool right?..No no don’t get too carried away, there is a price you have to pay for all the coolness.

1~Starting with the mileage:India is a country where gas mileage is more important than any thing when it comes to engine & i don’t blame people for it, increase in petrol price lead us to this situation.Right so being a 2stroke symphony it drinks a bit too much & you always have to do add a premix 2t oil meaning you have to perform math for every time you stop for filling.

2~Maintenance: i know maintenance is a crucial part of every combustion engine but in this bike its a bit more.You have to clean spark plug for like every 20 days or so depending on how much you ride it. I know its not a complicated process to clean a spark plug but i don’t want my hands to smell like petrol.Also you have to be really careful with water, like i already said if you splash too much water it will lead its way in the carburetor & once the water gets inside then the bike will increase your heart beat quite literally.

3~Govt emission norms: day by day the combustion engine is getting a lot of hate from people that’s why ev’s are selling. My point is that the Earth is sustainable so just stop worrying about the environment & let us drive petrol engines.But like always majority wins, so yeah being a 2stroke it release smoke from the exhaust & it has twins so the amount of smoke is a bit more,which sort of irritates some people or the traffic police men.

So what now?

Should we put a full stop on gems like these? Well obviously not, these are some of the best example of man & machine which gives you some sort of connection with them, you just cant stop to love them or ride them.There are many people like me who have kept the heritage alive & are riding these bikes like a king on the road.

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