The Autoart 993R is the restomod 911 you didn’t know you needed 

This will surely steal your soul!

Petrolheads have been so much in awe of Singers and RUFs that they think whenever someone has to restore a 911, it has to be the 964. Porsche restomod specialist Paul Stephens has set about proving them wrong with this – the Autoart 993R. And it genuinely is Automotive Art.

The Autoart 993R is basically the body of the standard, air-cooled 993 Carrera 2 mated with the 993 RS kit and it is the combo we didn’t know the automotive world needed. Look at it, just gorgeous!

It weighs 1220kg wet, which is 150kg lighter than the original 911 993, and it has achieved that by going on a strict diet that included deleting the sunroof, replacing the steel bonnet with an aluminium one from Porsche motorsport, getting lightweight racing glass fitted for the side and rear windows along with bespoke front and rear bumpers.

Options of two engines are available: a 330bhp or a 360bhp flat-six. No matter which engine you choose, it will have a crankshaft from a Porsche 911 GT3 997, RSR pistons and more Porsche Motorsport goodies. The Autoart 993R is rear-wheel drive and has brakes from the 993 RS.

Other mechanical upgrades include a Wavetrac limited-slip differential, five-way adjustable suspension, and a modified Cargraphic performance exhaust system. All these things contribute together to give you the “rawness and charm of an air-cooled Porsche.

The interior is very driver-focused with all the unnecessary electronics removed to save weight and enhance driver engagement. Instead, the interior has Recaro seats, an integrated roll-cage and a lovely Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel. The air-conditioning has been retained, cause sweating could reduce driver engagement.

Paul Stephens said: “The 993R to me really pushes our years of air-cooled experience to the limit, from the engine, suspension, lightweight panels, to the car’s bespoke minimalist interior. The 993R isn’t a swansong, but I wanted it to be the ‘best of’ Autoart, all meeting or bettering the customer’s brief.”

“More than any Paul Stephens Autoart-converted Porsche 911 to date, the new 993R project expresses our ‘less is more’ philosophy to include many subtle details that will go unnoticed to the casual observer, yet hopefully will be appreciated by the most ardent 911 aficionados, who understand our vision,” he concluded.

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