Škoda Fabia, Kamiq and Scala could disappear due to Euro 7 standard

The future Euro 7 standard is particularly demanding and will push small cars to the limits of their profitability

While safety and environmental standards have improved our cars considerably, they have also contributed to increasing their price. By 2025, the demanding Euro 7 standard will become a real headache for manufacturers. New emission controls will continue to push up car prices, threatening the survival of the most affordable models.

Brands are naturally faced with a dilemma: either raise vehicle prices again to maintain an acceptable break-even point or sign their death warrant to limit the damage. If the regulations do not change by the time they come into force, Škoda will clearly opt for the second solution: the small cars will say goodbye, regardless of their sales.

Are the Fabia, Kamiq and Scala on their way out?

According to Martin Jahn, Director of Marketing and Sales at the Czech brand, the Fabia, Kamiq and Scala will be phased out. This would mean the closure of the Mladá Boleslav factory, directly threatening 3,000 jobs. In turn, more than 10,000 employees working mainly at suppliers would be affected. The entry level thermal car in the range would then be the Octavia, which is currently priced at €29,680 in France. To find lower prices at Škoda, we will have to wait for the small electric SUV derived from the Volkswagen ID.2 planned for 2025.

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