Sirius And India’s MEHAIR Announce Huge Partnership

An order for up to 100 hydrogen-powered VTOLs is part of the agreement.

Switzerland’s Sirius Aviation AG, maker of the world’s first hydrogen-powered zero-emissions VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft, and India’s MEHAIR (Maritime Energy Heli Air Services), a seaplane operator, have entered into a significant partnership. A firm order for 50 and the option to purchase an additional 50 units of the Sirius Millennium Jet heads the agreement. The total value of this purchase contract is nearly USD 400 million.

Next, MEHAIR will supervise the assembly of 50 units of the aircraft mentioned above. Alongside, it will oversee the assembly of 1,400 Millennium Hydrogen Fan Jets, 50 Hydrogen Fuel Cell powertrains and 10 Hydrogen Generation Units in India.

To put things in perspective, the Sirius Millennium Jet gets its propulsion from ducted fan jets. Those are fuelled by a hydrogen powertrain, enough to deliver a range of 1,150 miles (just shy of 1,000 nautical miles). Also, the VTOL can reach up to 323mph (281 knots). Sirius says its Millennium Jet offers eight times more range than traditional eVTOLs and can fly three times faster.

The partnership will also see the establishment of final assembly lines for hydrogen VTOL aircraft in India. In addition, the duo will work on creating franchise models for sales and after-sales support and designing and operating Verti-ports across India. Of course, getting the necessary approvals and certifications and providing training for the Sirius Jet fleet operation and maintenance is also part of the paperwork.

Sirius confirms that by 2025, it will debut two eVTOLs – the Sirius Business Jet and the Siris Millennium Jet. While the former is tailored for private use, the latter will serve the commercial aviation space.

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