Rimac celebrates 15 years in existence with a copper-colored, special edition Nevera

Fifteen years isn’t a long time, but when you think about how the founder Mate is only in his mid-30s, it’s amazing it exists at all

Rimac announced they will produce a special edition of the Nevera for their fifteenth anniversary. The aptly named 15th Anniversary Edition will be matte copper colored, just like the wires and electronics necessary to make this thing work properly. This will be the first matte-colored car they’ve released; only nine will be available.

This record-breaking hypercar—already extremely expensive—will cost roughly 2.5m dollars in its special edition guise. Setting it apart from the plain Jane (term used loosely) will be the carbon fiber split on the paintwork and copper anodized switchgear and copper-painted surfaces on the interior. Special edition badges, including ‘2009-2024’ script can be seen on the armrest. You’ll have a choice of either a black or white interior, which is surprising considering all the emphasis on copper—a missed opportunity to do something orange to match all the other copper elements. 

To think this hypercar with twenty-seven performance records, dual 450kW motors, and a 1MW inverter came from a man who initially tinkered with a 1984 E30 BMW 3-series race car. Mate Rimac raced the old BMW in gasoline form until the engine gave out. He then began the arduous task of converting it to electric and facing ridicule from other races who began calling his creation a ‘washing machine.’ To everyone’s surprise, in 2011 that same electric BMW began setting world records and the rest is history. Now merged with Bugatti, this company is not one to be messing about.

Rimac revealed the Nevera in 2018 as the world’s first all-electric hypercar. While the car itself is only six years old at the time of this article, the company’s roots back to the electric BMW are where they claim their genesis. Famous for its speed, records, and the fact Richard Hammond almost killed himself a second time, you can be famous too by buying one of the nine copper-colored versions. I doubt if any are available, but you never know, one might pop up on Bring-a-Trailer or NoLemons!

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